EastEnders spoilers see Dot’s will exposed, Queen Vic owner drama and big return

Tensions run high in EastEnders next week as it is the day of Dot's funeral.

On the morning, Sonia still hasn’t written her eulogy but is stunned when Lauren arrives.

The dup, along with Jack and Ricky, reminisce about their memories of Dot.

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In a bid to sort out her writer's block, Sonia uses Dot's spare key and lets herself into the laundrette.

When Martin finds her there, he comforts her when she admits she can't write the eulogy.

After some words of encouragement from Martin, Sonia joins the residents of Albert Square as they line up in the street and say goodbye to their beloved Dot.

Sharon is surprised and delighted when Colin arrives to pay his respects, while Sonia and the rest of Dot’s family are overwhelmed to see the outpouring of love for Dot as she leaves Albert Square for the last time.

At the church, the mourners gather – including Mary Smith and Disa O'Brien.

Mary reveals that Lofty Holloway is on his way, leaving Sharon is touched that they all came.

As Sonia is about to deliver the eulogy, Lofty arrives at the church.

Sonia and Disa share a sweet moment when she reveals she has a lot to thank Dot for, while Kathy reflects on how Dot took people in when others turned their back.

The mourners arrive at The Vic for Dot’s wake, where Jack pays tribute to Dot as Jim’s true love.

Outside, Sonia bumps into Reiss Colwell, who reveals he’s Dot’s great nephew.

They head to No.25 but are interrupted when Jack and Patrick bring the wake to the house.

Outside in the Square, Felix gives directions to Dot’s place to a man in a flash car who turns out to be Barry Clark.

Elsewhere, Linda’s heart is in her mouth at the sight of Lauren who later has a go at her for breaking Max's heart.

Janine presses Mick to tell Linda about the wedding, but says he wants to wait until after the funeral.

Aware that Linda can hear them, Janine asks Kathy to cater their wedding reception.

Later, Mick blurts out the wedding news to Linda who tells him she already knows.

She says that if he’s happy, she’ll be happy for him. But is he really happy?

Meanwhile Kat and Alfie reminisce about Nana Moon who's dying wish was that they would get together.

Later, Kat is frustrated when Phil refuses to pick up her calls, prompting Alfie to ask if she’s happy with her decision to marry him.

At No.25, Sharon and Kat start rowing but soon begin bonding over the challenges of being Phil’s other half.

Kat tells Sharon that she will find love again, but Sharon says she doesn’t need a man.

Sonia asks Reiss to stay in Walford to be there as a support at Dot’s will reading, fearing she may be made homeless when Dotty inherits the house.

Alfie starts the panto auditions and is determined to cast Kat as Snow White opposite him as the Prince.

When Kat fails to show up, Honey wows everyone with her audition.

Kat eventually arrives after Tommy begs her, and Alfie tries to cast her as Snow White but Sharon overrules him, revealing Honey has secured the part.

Fed up with Linda’s constant presence at The Vic, Janine demands that Mick buys her out.

Sonia is nervous ahead of the will reading while Dotty is excited at the thought of selling the house and travelling around the world.

Dot’s solicitor Kenneth Foskett arrives and divulges Dot’s last wishes to Sonia, Jack, Dotty and Reiss.

Elsewhere, Janine keeps pushing Mick to get a bank loan to buy Linda out.

After chatting to Linda, Mick tells Janine that he can’t take the pub away from her because it’ll send her spiralling – but he has an an alternative in mind.

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