EastEnders spoilers: Bobby Beale flees Walford after getting advice from a mystery friend from prison

HE MIGHT have only just returned to Walford, but a distressed Bobby Beale will make a shock exit in EastEnders next week.

Bobby – who’s been released from prison for killing sister Lucy – will be seen getting a call from a prison friend, who gives him some advice and reassurance before Bobby flees from the Square.

The teen will go on the run leaving dad Ian – who returns next week – stunned.

The relationship between the father and son is more strained than ever when they come face to face.

Ben Mitchell tries to smooth things over by suggesting they all head to the Vic for a family reunion, but the locals are less than pleased by Bobby’s presence.

Bobby – who’s played by telly newcomer Clay Milner Russell – gets some supportive words from Denise Fox, who was dating Ian at the time when Lucy was murdered.

It's not long before tensions reach fever pitch but, despite getting support from and unexpected source, things get too much for Bobby and he rushes home where he demands to be left alone.

The next day, Ian – Adam Woodyatt – is horrified when he spots Bobby sporting a bruised face. Assuming Max Branning – Jake Wood – is behind it, a furious Ian calls the police, leaving Bobby mortified and refusing to co-operate.

After Ian confronts Max, who denies all knowledge of hurting Bobby, the teen finally reveals what happened.

Later, Ian realises he’s not been supportive of his son. Wanting to help him settle back into life on the outside, he suggests home tutoring, but Bobby’s dismissal leaves him feeling hopeless.

It's then that, in his room, Bobby gets the call from his friend. He then apologises to Ian.

But as Ian promises to keep his on close, he’s unaware that Bobby has already fled.

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