EastEnders icon Janine Butcher to exit in deadly twist as Nancy Carter takes revenge?

EastEnders: Janine is turned down for job by Suki

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Janine (played by Charlie Brooks) has caused nothing but trouble since she returned to EastEnders earlier this year and she has managed to sink her claws into Mick Carter (Danny Dyer). This week saw the villain play her most dastardly card yet as she met with Linda Carter (Kellie Bright) and encouraged her to turn back to the bottle to relieve her of the stress of her marital issues. However, with Nancy (Maddy Hill) discovering Janine played a fundamental part in her parents being at war, it could be she wants the iconic BBC soap character dead as a way of getting revenge.

The New Year’s Eve episode began with Mick telling his daughter Linda wasn’t going to be coming back to Walford as she had turned to the bottle again.

Nancy heard the news as a cry for help from her mother and alongside Zack Hudson (James Farrar), she drove to Watford.

As soon as she turned up at her grandmother’s pub, she saw her mother had already drunk quite a substantial amount of alcohol.

Trying to get through to Linda, Nancy decided she would play a slideshow with pictures of the loving family who would support her through anything.

Unfortunately, the drink had already sunk in and her mother told her the Carters were a family who were “hard to love”.

Heartbroken, she headed back to Walford where Janine was manipulating Mick and telling him he should leave Linda after everything she had put him through.

Instead, she said she could give the landlord everything he wanted as she cared for him in a way his wife had forgotten to.

It gave him food for thought and in the morning, he spoke with his daughter about Linda’s alcoholism and how it had gotten out of control.

“I really hoped you’d never have to see her like that,” the landlord told Nancy, stating he’d “tried” to keep her on the straight and narrow.

“You know, when Janine told me that state she was in…” he continued but his daughter interjected as she didn’t realise the villain had been to see her mother.

Think you can get away with that

Nancy Carter

Going downstairs where Janine was cleaning up the pub, Nancy punched her for causing so much trouble.

The villain slapped Mick’s daughter around the face before he broke it up, telling them to calm down as he didn’t need any more mess.

“You really think you can get away with that,” Nancy told the scheming character, who replied: “Well, someone has to see how she’s doing.”

“There is something seriously wrong with you,” Linda’s daughter declared, slating her as a ‘psycho’ who needed to go and live somewhere else as she wasn’t going to be sleeping under the same roof as Janine.

Nancy took some time to go and cool off but when she returned to the Queen Vic, her head was still in the same place as to how she felt about Janine.

“Janine is just a whole nother level,” she said, with her father telling her she didn’t need to worry about Janine anymore.

“I mean that Pop, I wouldn’t be surprised if she’d poured that wine down mum’s throat herself,” Mick’s daughter told him.

“Your mother doesn’t need anyone’s help and you were there, you saw her. Anyway, Janine is leaving,” he explained to Nancy.

“What? You’ve told her she has to go?” Nancy asked, with the landlord saying it was the villain’s decision to leave.

“She said she is doing it for the sake of the family and for you,” he added, with Nancy asking him if he was “grateful” Janine had been so understanding.

“Pop, can you not see this woman is actively trying to tear apart your marriage?” Nancy asked her father with concern in her voice.

“Just leave it,” he told her, with his daughter confused as to why he wasn’t willing to fight for his marriage to Linda.

With Mick unwilling to do what needs to be done to get Janine out of their lives for good, Nancy could take it upon herself to kill the villain.

She has never shown any signs of wanting to kill someone before but she can see Janine is trying to destroy the Carters’ marriage.

As a result, the beloved Carter daughter could strike her down and leave the residents of Walford to guess who murdered her.

A huge investigation would launch as Janine has more than a few enemies living on the Square so there would be a whole list of people for the police to work through.

Nancy could manage to lie her way through her interview with the authorities and try to set someone else up for the crime.

With Janine out of the way, she could bring her mother home to get the help she needs for her drink problem with the support of her family behind her.

However, will the damage the villain has done be everlasting or will Mick and Linda be able to work through their troubles?

EastEnders continues Monday at 8pm on BBC One.

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