EastEnders fans spot key scene ‘exposing’ father of Lily Slater’s baby

EastEnders: Stacey tells Lily she is pregnant

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Earlier this week, viewers of the BBC soap were left speechless when it was revealed 12-year-old Lily (played by Lillia Turner) was pregnant. Although the identity of the dad hasn’t yet been confirmed, eagle-eyed fans think scenes from months back confirms who it is.

On Sunday night, the youth was rushed to the hospital after suffering from stomach pains, believed to be from Carbon Monoxide poisoning.

However, after scans and tests were conducted, her mum Stacey (Lacey Turner) was horrified to learn her daughter was expecting a baby.

In scenes that later unfolded, viewers saw Stacey talking to social workers and police officers to try and get to the bottom of who had gotten Lily pregnant.

Although she was left disgusted by the thought that a family member could have been involved, a child protection investigation and criminal investigation had to happen before Lily could return home.

Emotional scenes between Stacey and Lily saw the mum try to get information out of her daughter on who had gotten her pregnant as the child sobbed.

When asked if she had been abused by an older man, Lily cried: “No I ain’t been abused. You don’t understand.”

With the identity of the father not yet being revealed, fans believe scenes from last November could confirm who the dad is.

Viewers believe the culprit could be Ricky Jr (Frankie Day), as he kept vanishing to meet his friends when he was going through things in his personal life, similar to Lily.

Another fan pointed out there was once a scene where Lily was smiling at her phone, seeming to be talking to someone at the exact moment Ricky snuck off.

The duo were also seen getting close after the fallout between Lily and his sister Amy Mitchell ( bbie Burke).

Feeling isolated from her group amid the friendship ending, Ricky was seen checking in with Lily to make sure she was doing okay.

With there being a few occasions Ricky said he’d be late from school or out meeting his pals, EastEnders viewers think he was meeting with Lily all along in secret.

With all these hints being dropped throughout the past few weeks, many people have taken to Twitter to share their theory on the unexpected pregnancy.

Onelifee3 said: “14/11/22. Ricky stuck up for Lily during an argument with Amy. Hidden a text on his phone. Left Amy’s bday party to see a mate. Next morning said he’ll be home late. Next morning Lily smiling at her phone hiding it away from Stacey. Could this of been the day?”

Griannedoherty3 added: “Could Ricky actually be Lily’s baby Daddy? She’s had a lot to deal with recently, what with Jean’s illness & he’s also had everything with Amy’s self-harm & might of been feeling a little neglected potentially? Can’t see it being Denzel he likes Amy. Will? Nugget? #Eastenders.”

RyanTheSoapking commented: “#EastEnders We’ve also seen instances where Ricky would go off on his own like when they were having Amy’s Birthday meal for example. In addition, Ricky has been on his phone a lot lately. Although in terms of face-to-face scenes between the pair these have been minimal.”

nat90HJ Tweeted: “Who remembers that episode where Denise asked Ricky in the pub where is he going and he goes ‘to meet a mate’ that mate was Lily.”

Geordiegalg said: “ I really think the father of Lily’s baby is Ricky Jr. Thinking back, there have been loads of little scenes where he’s taking calls or dashing off somewhere, but noone really notices. He’s been very much under the radar recently as has Lily & I think this is why.”

With BR_4_NN adding: “Ricky is 100% the dad to lily’s baby #Eastenders.”

EastEnders airs Mondays to Thursdays at 7:30pm on BBC One and BBC iPlayer.

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