EastEnders big Lola news, Emmerdale Arthur's new story and 23 more soap spoilers

We’re less than a week into the New Year and already there is drama aplenty in the world of soap! With shocks and surprises in store, next week is shaping up to be unmissable.

Hot off its incredible Christmas success, EastEnders continues to be one to watch, with a number of big developments on the cards for our Walford faves next week.

Zack Hudson receives a blast from the past, while Lola Pearce has some big news for her loved ones, and the fallout of this week’s shocks continue as ever.

Hollyoaks, meanwhile, is similarly must-see, with an hour-long special on the cards as Eric Foster spirals out of control, with the radical misogyny storyline reaching a dramatic conclusion.

Over in Emmerdale, Arthur Thomas devises a plan to deal with school bully Marshall, while Moira Dingle and Amy Wyatt have more questions to answer in regards to Kyle Winchester’s role in Al Chapman’s death.

And lastly, there’s Coronation Street, which sees Jacob Hay face the wrath of his dad Damon after a plot at the bistro goes sideways.

For all this and more, Metro.co.uk is your one-stop spoiler shop, with everything you need to know about what’s on the cards in soapland, so make yourself a cuppa, sit back and relax, as we serve up some weekend reading relating to all-things serial drama.


1. Zack receives a blast from the past when an old acquaintance named Brett pops up, and it leaves him incredibly rattled. Brett, meanwhile, interviews for a PT job, with Zack on a mission to warn Sharon off employing him. Brett confronts Zack and makes a huge revelation which turns the barman’s life upside down.

2. Ricky Jnr argues with Jack and accuses him of only being interested in Amy and her dramas.

3. Denise is desperate to put the spark back into her marriage and gets a makeover from Lola. Ravi is impressed when glammed up Denise arrives to book a table for two at Walford East. Denise and Ravi bond over the perils of parenting, and one thing leads to another, with Ravi going in for a kiss.

4. It’s Jean’s 60th birthday, and she bans Stacey from throwing a party, reiterating that they can’t afford it.

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5. Lola invites the family for a meal, where Billy, Ben and Callum brace themselves for a terrible update. Jay and Lola take great delight in announcing their plans.

6. Stacey heads to work and rants at Eve about the Panesars putting their rent up. Things get worse when the bap van breaks down, and Stacey worries at the expense. Later, Lily overhears Stacey telling Jean that she’s not sure how they’ll get through this.

7. Amy invites Denzel to the empty house but is furious when he shows up with Nugget, who has swiped a bottle of vodka from Suki’s shop. Ravi is humiliated when Suki and Nish confront him about Nugget’s theft and being too soft.

Coronation Street

8. Damon gives Jacob a beating and tells him that if he wants to protect Amy, he needs to disappear for good. Jacob tells Nick that Damon is smuggling drugs through the restaurant and that he has no choice but to leave as Amy’s life is in danger. Hearing Amy entering the flat, a desperate Jacob pretends he’s on the phone dealing drugs. Amy’s horrified to think he’s up to his old tricks.

9. Daisy plans to go to an event where a top DJ is playing. Hoping to try and get him for the wedding, she tells Daniel that she still wants to get married in May. When Daniel is less than enthusiastic about it being so soon she heads off to the event and flirts with the DJ, putting her number into his online and posting pics of them together online.

10. Summer is shocked when Todd tells her he has been contacted by Ava, a member of the congregation at Mike and Esther’s old church, claiming she had an affair with Mike. Summer decides to confront Esther who confirms it is true but says they have agreed to put it behind them. Summer decides to meet up with Ava but is shocked by what she discovers. 

11. The police question Max about his involvement with Griff’s gang but release him without charge. David is shocked when Gail refuses to support Max. Max is horrified to come face-to-face with Griff. 

12. Spider discharges himself from hospital, determined to help the police find Griff and bring him to justice. 

13. When Maria finds out that the council has given the go ahead for a new refugee centre she’s delighted.

14. Dee-Dee presents Alya with a care package to help her over her ordeal and begs her to return to the solicitors as she’s struggling without her. Alya admits she’d love to come back.


15. April is involved in a showdown with Marshall, and things go from bad to worse when she punches him, much to the shock of Rhona, who reckons that Naomi is becoming a bad influence on her. Rhona wastes little time in confronting Naomi, and a physical altercation ensues, with Marlon taking Naomi’s side! Arthur, meanwhile, has a plan to deal with Marshall.

16. Moira, Amy, Mackenzie and Matty are all questioned by the police, but they stick to their story, before regrouping at Butlers to discuss the situation. Moira is anxious about Caleb’s involvement in the whole thing, and she and Amy question the newcomer’s methods. Kyle, meanwhile, reaffirms to the police that he is to blame for Al’s death, while Cain arranges to speak with Moira for the first time since their falling out.

17. Chloe has collapsed, much to Mack’s horror, and he accompanies Sarah and Charity to the hospital. Stealing a moment alone, Mackenzie promises Chloe that he will support her and the baby in whatever way he can. Sarah, meanwhile, plots to have Chloe move in with them! Charity won’t take no for answer, and soon enough, she agrees, leaving Mack determined to oust her.

18. Dawn’s chuffed when Rhona welcomes her back and offers her the chance to train as a vet nurse.

19. Kim is impressed when Gabby shows initiative with an idea to modernise the business’ digital presence. Gabby is delighted when Kim comes by to talk about the brochure she’s been working on. But is it good news?

20. There is tension aplenty between Chas and Cain.


21. Determined to spend as much time with his kids as possible, Warren resorts to kidnapping, as Sienna’s strict schedule just isn’t doing it for him. Sienna is horrified to find out that Warren has taken her children, but will she be be able to track them down?

22. Maxine tries to finding evidence against Eric, and thus she breaks into his caravan – but she’s caught in the act! Eric takes Maxine to an unknown location, where he reveals his plans to finally be ‘seen’ by the women of the village. The events which follow see the radical misogyny storyline culminate in an hour-long special as Eric seeks justice for his sister’s death, putting the lives of several women in danger in the process.

23. The village honours Verity in a way she would approve of, with bright clothes and banging tunes, while Tony organises for a bench – with a plaque dedicated to his sister – to be placed in the village.

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24. Lizzie encourages Mason to give Leah and Charlie a proper apology, and they agree to put it behind them. However, Charlie doesn’t think that he’s being sincere, so Leah visits to the Chen-Williams’ residence to check that he meant what he said, and she makes a big discovery.

25. Nancy and Jack fear Darren’s depression might have returned, so Nancy thinks he needs to be reminded how important he is to everyone.

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