Duncan Jones Isn’t Sure He Can Finance Next ‘Moon’ Film, So He’s Writing a Graphic Novel

Filmmaker Duncan Jones is moving forward with the final movie in his “Moon” film trilogy, just not in the way many fans are probably expecting. The trilogy, which includes Jones’ 2009 indie favorite “Moon” and his 2018 Netflix misfire “Mute,” will end with a final entry that will make its debut as a graphic novel. The director recently told Polygon he’s unsure whether or not he’ll be able to acquire the necessary budget to make a third film, so he’s going the graphic novel route to ensure the story gets out there.

“Yeah, that one’s been done for a while,” Jones said when asked about the third and final film in the trilogy. “I’m working on a graphic novel of it right now. It’s a bigger film. It’s going to be a tricky one to finance in this era where original material on a bigger budget is difficult to get made, so I definitely want to do the graphic novel so at least it will exist in some form. Then, hopefully, if people read the graphic novel and get really excited about it, I’m gonna try and use that as a way to leverage getting the movie made.”

While the films make up a single film trilogy, the entries are only loosely connected. “Mute” tied into “Moon” by featuring Sam Rockwell’s character from the latter in a brief news telecast cameo. The stories in both films were individual to their respective films. For this reason, Jones said fans can expect for the final “Moon” film to be vastly different than the entries that have already been released.

“I think they’re different genres, in a way, even though they’re all science fiction,” Jones said. “I think ‘Moon’ is a human drama. ‘Mute’ is a noir thriller. The third film is basically an action road movie. They’re three very different things, but at the same time, I think the science fiction and those underlying themes is what really connects them. I think they’re an anthology in a very European, like ‘Three Colours.’ It’s more like that.”

As for when “Moon” fans might be able to read the next entry in graphic novel form, Jones provided no updates. “Mute” is now streaming on Netflix.

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