‘Doom Patrol’ Extended Trailer Reveals Each Team Member’s Origin Story

AceShowbiz -DC Universe has unveiled an extended trailer for its upcoming live-action series, “Doom Patrol“. The footage, which is released ahead of the show’s much-anticipated premiere, gives fans more insights into members of the group of outcast super heroes including Robotman, Negative Man, Elasti-Girl and Crazy Jane.

The trailer opens with mad scientist Dr. Niles Caulder (The Chief) who has just transformed Clif Steele (Brendan Fraser) to Robotman. Later, the scene moves to the origin story of Negative Man a.k.a. Larry Trainor (Matt Bomer). Trainor is a closeted Air Force pilot who hides his sexuality from his wife and children.

His life changes after his plane crashes in a radioactive field, making him be able to release negative energy as a weapon. However, he still has a problem in controlling “this thing inside of me,” hence the bandages.

As for Steele, he is a race car driver who has a terrifying car accident. His body is destroyed, but his brain is unharmed. After Dr. Caulder puts his brain into a mechanical body, he finds himself struggling to cope with his new physical form. “No matter how hard I hit, where I hit, who I hit, I can’t feel pain,” he frustratingly says somewhere in the trailer.

As for Elasti-Girl, she is actress Rita Farr (April Bowlby) from 1950s before she falls into a swamp and is exposed to toxic gases which makes her skin become uncontrollably melted and stretchy.

Played by Diane Guerrero, Kay Challis a.k.a. Crazy Jane has 64 different personalities as a result of “terrible” project by “a group of creepy scientists.” The trailer sees that each personality manifests with different powers which she will have to learn to control before fighting against the villains.

Cyborg (Joivan Wade) is a son of scientists. His mother was killed in a lab accident which also severely damages him. His father scientist rebuilds him with robotic prosthetics and implants, making him half-man and half-machine. He seems to be determined to redeem himself following the death of his mother as he says, “Every person I save is me fulfilling a pledge to my mom that she’ll never get to hear, trying to make her proud knowing I’m the reason she’s not around to see it.”

The trailer also glimpses Alan Tudyk‘s take on villainous Mr. Nobody. “You’re all at my mercy,” he says before clapping his hands to seemingly destroy a field.

“Doom Patrol” premieres on Friday, February 15 on DC Universe.

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