'Doctor Who': Why A BBC Executive Hated The Show

It’s hard for Doctor Who fans to imagine anyone hating the show. While some fans aren’t always happy with it, most would be horrified to see anyone else hating it. Yet no show is perfect.

Every show, even Doctor Who, has its flaws. And no TV show can please everyone. In this case, however, the person who hates the show actually used to work at the network that makes the show. And that’s interesting.

Who is this executive and what did he say?

The BBC executive who hated Doctor Who is Michael Grade. Now, Whovians, don’t get too angry. Though he did call the show, particularly the Classic show, “garbage,” let’s not be too quick to judge. No show is perfect, after all.

And what one person sees as “garbage” could be someone else’s favorite show. In this case, it’s Doctor Who, which is the favorite show of many fans. The executive also mentioned the fact that the show had “clunky Daleks that couldn’t go up and down stairs.” Which is probably true, yet it doesn’t necessarily mean the show was bad quality.

Why did he dislike ‘Doctor Who’?

According to the executive himself, he “hated Doctor Who.” He believed that it didn’t match up to movies like “Star Wars or ET.” He told the producer that the audience would have seen those movies and therefore would be comparing Doctor Who to them.

That is probably true, though fortunately the comparisons, for many fans, would turn out in the show’s favor. The show was and still is very popular, classic show included. Without the first 7 Doctors, after all, the show wouldn’t exist. And that would be a sad day for the fans.

Yet it’s not all bad news for the Whovians. Grade now respects the show, even though he may not like it.

What does he think of the show now?

According to an interview with Radio Times, though the show “still leaves [him] cold,” he now respects and “[admires] it, which [he] never did before.” This is good news for the fans, who would definitely be glad to know that a man who previously hated the show, now at least respects it. That shows that people really can change their minds about the show.

Though the show itself must have had something to do with it. He says that he appreciates “the filmic qualities today of Doctor Who,” which many fans likely appreciate as well. He also describes it as “a transformation” which is funny because that’s what the show is all about.

Transformation and change are key aspects of Doctor Who. And they continue to be so. The show is always reinventing itself and that’s one of the things fans love most about it.

And it seems like this former BBC executive likes the more recent regenerations of the show. We wonder what he would think of season 11. Though it’s probably best not to ask someone who isn’t a fan of the show in the first place. It’s enough to know that he now respects the show.

Though Doctor Who is not perfect, fans still love it, Daleks that can’t go up stairs and all. The show has a special face in fans’ hearts and therefore we can overlook some of its flaws.

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