Disney’s Live-Action ‘Snow White’ Accused of Pseudo Feminism for Twisting Storyline

Social media users are taking issue with the theme of the upcoming film that won’t depict the titular princess as being saved by the prince and won’t see her dreaming about true love.

AceShowbiz -Disney’s upcoming “Snow White” has sparked another debate following Rachel Zegler and Gal Gadot‘s comments. Previously, the two stars, who portray the titular princess and the Evil Queen respectively, teased how the live-action reboot will be different from the animated classic.

“I just mean that it’s no longer 1937 and we absolutely wrote a Snow White that is…,” Zegler said in a video interview with Variety that was shared months ago. Gadot then interjected, “She’s not gonna be saved by the prince.” Echoing her co-star, Zegler added, “She’s not gonna be saved by the prince and she’s not gonna be dreaming about true love.”

The “West Side Story” actress went on sharing about her character, “She’s dreaming about becoming the leader. She knows she can be and the leader that her late father told her that she could be if she was fearless, fair, brave and true. So, it’s just a really incredible story for young people everywhere to see themselves in.”

Taking to social media, some women claimed that the mission to portray Snow White as a woman uninterested in love was crucially anti-feminist. They argued that this perspective might inadvertently reinforce antiquated stereotypes that limit a woman’s autonomy in shaping her own path, irrespective of her choices.

TikTok user @cosywithangie said in a clip, “Criticizing Disney princesses is not feminist. Not every woman is a leader. Not every woman wants to be a leader. Not every woman wants or craves power and that’s okay.”

“It is not anti feminist to want to fall in love, to want to get married, to want to stay at home, to be soft, to wanna be a homemaker,” she went on elaborating. “None of these things make you less valuable as a person or a woman.”

The user further stressed, “The criticism of Disney princesses is always based on one of two things: criticizing women for things that men get to do unquestioned or writing off a woman entirely because she is or wants to fall in love… Real feminism is about depicting women who have different wants and different needs and different personalities, who come from different races and ethnicities and depicting them all as equally valuable.”

Agreeing with @cosywithangie, someone wrote in the comment, “Just because my dreams are different than yours doesn’t mean they’re unimportant.”

Another user posted her own video, saying that she feels “tired” with movies repeating the same theme. “There are a lot of people that would resonate with finding true love,” she claimed. “I think a lot of people are tired of just being their own hero, just being their own savior, be saving themselves. It’s stupid what they’re doing.”

A third critic suggested that Disney create an original movie instead of twisting its old ones just to give an example of feminism. ” ‘Frozen (2013)‘ is a strong example of female characters that don’t rely on a love story and that was a new story to tell,” she said. “Remaking and twisting an old film from 1937, what is the point,” she added, urging the studio to “stop with the remakes.”

The live-action “Snow White” previously faced backlash over its “woke” cast after tapping Zegler in the lead role. Responding to the social media debate, the actress, who is Hispanic, wrote on Twitter a.k.a. X, “extremely appreciative of the love i feel from those defending me online, but please don’t tag me in the nonsensical discourse about my casting. i really, truly do not want to see it.”

Sharing her throwback photos that saw her dressing as Snow White and wearing tiaras, the 22-year-old added, “so i leave you w these photos! i hope every child knows they can be a princess no matter what.”

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