David Tennant feared teen son Ty would be ‘rubbish’ actor ahead of TV debut – branding entire industry a ‘crapshoot’

DAVID Tennant feared teen son Ty would be a ‘rubbish’ actor ahead ofhis TV debut – and branded the entire industry a ‘crapshoot’.

The former Doctor Who actor adopted wife Georgia's son Ty in 2012 and the couple were worried when the teen decided to follow in David's footsteps and become an actor.

Speaking about that time in their family's life, David told Candis Magazine: "Acting is a crapshoot anyway, and Georgia and I had this fear when he went into it of, what if we see him in something and he's rubbish?

"Will we be able to tell him? But as it turns out, he's incredibly talented. Which was a great relief to realise!"

Ty has certainly hit the ground running, starring in 2019 film Tolkien and the latest TV adaptation of War of the Worlds.

As well as Ty, David and Georgia have four other children together, Olive, Wilfred, Doris and Birdie.

While David rarely speaks about his personal life, he did praise his "lovely" family.

He added: "Being a dad is one of the most extraordinary and life-affirming things that can ever happen to you, as well as being something you have to keep working at if you're going to be any good at it."

David has been kept busy with his brood during lockdown, and recently revealed the challenges of home-schooling.

He said: "Between us we would wrestle one child into a corner and try – the thing is, you very quickly recognise the gaps in your own knowledge.

"It's not just 'How do I do long division?' It's 'How do they teach long division now?' Because it's all changed."

He has also found time to star in Staged alongside Michael Sheen and produce his new podcast.

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