Daredevil producer says Marvel TV was "stunned" by Netflix axing the show

Daredevil‘s co-executive producer, Sam Ernst, has revealed Marvel TV staff were “stunned” that the show was cancelled after three seasons.

The news broke of Daredevil‘s axing last week, following weeks of promising updates from showrunner Erik Oleson, who’d recently pitched a fourth season to the top cats over at Netflix.

Now, Ernst has shared an emotional insight on social media as to how everyone involved with the show has taken the heartbreaking news.

He wrote on Twitter: “Man, so weird to be in the Daredevil writers room today, getting the news that we’re cancelled. On the walls were an entire season 4 laid out – and it was so f***g cool. So many moments we wanted the fans to see… Sigh, this business.”

Ernst then added this a couple of days later: “Had a last lunch yesterday with the Daredevil writers. Sushi provided by our Captain, @erikoleson. Marvel execs there too, just as stunned as we were.

“More than lunch, really: a wake. A show gets cancelled, all those characters we love die. Why I hate my job. Why I love it, too.”

Daredevil cast members have also shed their tears on social media after hearing the difficult news, with Deborah Ann Woll (Karen Page), Amy Rutberg (Merci Stahl) and Jay Ali (Ray Nadeem) all taking time to celebrate their involvement in such a well-regarded show.

All three seasons of Daredevil are available to stream on Netflix.

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