'Dancing With The Stars': Hannah Brown Reveals Why Partner Alan Bersten Was So Stressed About Disney Week

Last week, former bachelorette Hannah Brown and her partner Alan Bersten performed the foxtrot to “A Whole New World” for Disney week on Dancing With The Stars. The two performed well and got a respectable score but, according to Brown, it wasn’t always smooth sailing to get where they ended up.

In her most recent DWTS diary she wrote for Bustle, Brown addresses the week’s stressors–as it turns out, there’s a lot of pressure surrounding Disney week!  

Alan Bersten was stressed about Disney week from the get-go

“I have a lot of energy and a really positive attitude, but Alan is stressed out because this is Disney week, which is a big night for Dancing with the Stars. Our dance is twice the length it normally is,” she began.

Because the dance was longer than previous dances, that meant more choreographing for Bersten.

“We’re doing a foxtrot to “A Whole New World,” so Alan has been up really early choreographing the dance, and then I got in a few hours later and we started learning it. I’m being silly and having a good time because I’m a good mood, but Alan is really just not having it today, because he wants us to get the choreography. This week is really hard for us all because we have overnight shoots coming up, so we have to get a head start on everything,” Brown explained.

With shorter rehearsals, Brown had trouble picking up on the dance.

“We only had a two-hour practice because Alan had to go to Disney Land to start the pros’ rehearsal overnight to learn our big opening numbers. We’re stressed out a bit. Me trying to remember the dance has been a little difficult, but I’m doing the best that I can,” she wrote.

Though despite the all-night shoot that took place at Disneyland, Bersten and Brown made a point to have some fun while they were at the happiest place on earth.

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“Alan is the best dance partner because he knows how badly I want to be at Disney but that I don’t want to go by myself, so he rode all the rides with me even though he was really tired,” wrote Brown.

After shooting all night at Disneyland, Brown was, understandably, not at her best at the next evening’s rehearsal.

“I kind of had forgotten the dance because my brain wasn’t exactly working very well. But we managed to make it work, and we stayed until I was feeling a lot more comfortable with it,” she wrote.

By Saturday, Brown and Bersten are usually feeling pretty confident in their dance. But this last Saturday, thanks to the late nights and shorter rehearsals, the dance partners weren’t feeling so comfortable.

“At this point in the week, we’re usually feeling really confident in the dance and where it’s at. Not this week. I think Alan is really trying to push me because he knows I can really nail this dance,” wrote Brown.

The turning point for Hannah Brown and Alan Bersten

Thankfully, Peta Murgatroyd lent a hand.

“It’s really good to have one of the girls come in and show me exactly how to do it sometimes. I think Peta and Alan and I work really well together; we all have a really great relationship. By the end of our Saturday practice we felt a lot better,” wrote Brown.

The day of the performance, Brown says Bersten helped to calm her nerves and the pair ended up killing their routine.

“It’s all great, it’s getting me more hyped up to do my best, because I have a really hard dance for next week,” wrote Brown.

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