Daisy Jones and the Six’s ending is different to the book

Daisy Jones & the Six trailer released by Amazon Prime Video

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Daisy Jones and the Six has been released weekly on Amazon Prime Video, building up to the final two episodes that came out on Friday, March 24. It has been teased from the get-go that there would be trouble ahead for the popular band both personally and professionally and the remaining instalments proved this to be the case. Although, there were a few key moments from the show’s ending that had been altered. Express.co.uk has the lowdown on the final episode of Daisy Jones and the Six.

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WARNING: This article contains spoilers from Daisy Jones and the Six.

Is the ending to Daisy Jones and the Six on Amazon Prime Video different to the book?

Daisy Jones and the Six’s eighth and final episode sees what the band gets up to 20 years after their split following the infamous Chicago concert in 1977.

For the most part of the series, Karen (played by Suki Waterhouse) and Graham Dunne (Will Harrison) were madly in love with one another but it dawned on them that they wanted different things in life.

Karen broke up with Graham when she had an abortion, telling him she didn’t want to be a mum and he was left devastated.

Decades later she was travelling around the world playing music, whereas Graham moved back home to Pennsylvania.

He found the next love of his life and started a family which he says he has “Karen to thank for that”.

Elsewhere, Warren (Sebastian Chacon) has been working as a session drummer, including for Daisy’s (Riley Keough) solo career, and has twin girls with Lisa (Lily Donoghue).

Eddie (Josh Whitehouse) forms his own band and is still performing, while Simone (Nabiyah Be) and Bernie (Ayesha Harris) open up a club together.

Rod (Timothy Olyphant) decided to quit the business altogether and Teddy (Tom Wright) sadly died in 1983, six years after that dreaded concert.

Daisy, on the other hand, says it was because she left after that night that she is sober, has a successful career and has a daughter.

Billy (Sam Claflin) does end up going to rehab and years later, he is able to win back Camila (Camila Morrone) but she gets sick and dies before the documentary is finished.

Taking a slightly different route from the book, Julia shows her dad and Daisy separately a video of Camila she took before her death.

Speaking to her daughter Camila says: “Tell your father to give her a call.

“We have had a wonderful marriage, your father and I. We chose each other.

“But nothing in life is ever as simple as we want it to be. So one day, when he’s ready, tell your father to give Daisy Jones a call.”

In the book, Camila writes this in an email to her daughters Julia, Susana and Maria but neither of the latter sisters is featured in the show.

Another heartwarming moment which isn’t included in the novel is the last scene of the drama.

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Camila’s voice is heard saying: “At the very least, those two owe me a song,” when Billy is seen knocking on Daisy’s door.

She answers and has the biggest smile on her face when she sees it’s Billy after years spent apart.

Camilla’s video was her giving the musicians her blessing, signalling the start of Daisy and Billy’s new life together.

Daisy Jones and the Six is available to watch on Amazon Prime Video.

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