Daisy comes face to face with her sinister stalker in Coronation Street

Daisy Midgely (Charlotte Jordan) is continuing to receive concerning and worrying messages online in Coronation Street.

From bouquets of flowers to constant pestering on her social media platforms, ‘Justin’ has been bothering Daisy for weeks and as it stands, she still doesn’t really know who he is.

But could that all be about to change?

Next week, Daisy receives yet another bunch of flowers with her name on it.

Moments later, Daisy’s phone rings and it’s an unknown number, which leaves her seriously unnerved.

As Daisy and Daniel (Rob Mallard) discuss the mystery stalker and the missed call on her phone, ‘Justin’ calls into the pub – who also happens to be the same man who Daisy met in the waiting room at the doctors after she found a lump on her breast.

Justin wonders if Daisy liked the flowers but denies calling her.

The feeling of confusion will ease somewhat for Daisy as it becomes apparent the phone number actually belongs to Christina (Amy Robbins), her mum.

‘The storyline is about a young woman on the internet and the dangers that face influencers’, Corrie boss Iain MacLeod recently told us.

‘It’s high profile but in her case, with quite a small-fry online following and it brings her into a certain degree of danger as the wedding approaches. Mini-Ken Barlow wants a serious and cultured wedding, but Daisy wants everything to be a bit extra. There’s fun to be had there but in the background, a creeping danger arises from her online life’.

‘We’re into an interesting, current, socially important story with a far-reaching psychological impact running across the whole of 2023’, he added.

‘It threatens their relationship, leads to Daisy’s faith in Daniel being shaken and maybe, just maybe, she may have her head turned’.

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