Daisy and Carla set for almighty clashes as Corrie star teases big feud

Daisy Midgeley (Charlotte Jordan) is a forthright character who isn’t afraid of speaking her mind when the occasion calls for it, and now she’s living at number 1 Coronation Street with the entire Barlow family she’s having to hold her own with some other very strong characters.

Charlotte Jordan told us she couldn’t be happier about that.

‘For my first one and a half to two years, because we were so restricted by COVID, we could only have two to three people in a scene,’ she explained. ‘Now being in number one, and being around Tracy (Kate Ford) and being around Steve (Simon Gregson) and being around all these great characters, it’s such a joy, it’s so much fun.’

She loves the chance to clash with the famously sarcastic and scathing Tracy. ‘That’s something I’ve wanted to do since they told me they were putting me with Rob (Mallard),’ she said. ‘That’s the great thing about Corrie women – they’re all very strong in their own right.’

And there’s one Corrie woman that she can’t wait to work more with – Carla Connor (Alison King). It’s not a friendship between the two that Charlotte is looking forward to, either – it’s fireworks.

‘I’d love to do more with Ali King,’ she admitted. ‘I had some bits with her when I first started and I was hoping they would sort of take it in a little rival direction. I think they’ll clash and I think that conflict is interesting. That’s what we want. I don’t want them to just be best friends and be boring.’

One scene soon after she joined Corrie involved Daisy doing an impression of Carla, and Charlotte says that prospect genuinely scared her. ‘I was terrified of doing it,’ she recalled. ‘I did want to offend her. I literally just started.’

She needn’t have worried, though – Ali King turned out to be far less scary than her alter ego. ‘Ali was actually rather impressed!’ Charlotte laughed.

Will there be more chances for Daisy to use her famous Carla impression in upcoming scenes?

Will the promised feud ignite?

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