Couple save hundreds each month by ditching renting and moving onto a boat

Holly Sharp, 25, and her husband, Noah, 24, realised they might never be able to buy a house – especially when they were attempting to save up for a deposit while also renting a home.

So they decided to buy a boat instead.

Now, they’re saving over £500 a month – and are loving their new lifestyle.

Holly and Noah, from Stockport, moved aboard their boat last February after getting fed up of all their money going on renting a two-bedroom house.

They struggled to get a mortgage and to save up for a deposit, then decided to call it quits.

In December 2019 they found an old boat on sale for £15,000.

Using their savings as well as a loan, the couple bought it, then spent three months renovating the space, which cost a further £3,000.

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But the couple think that the money they’re saving by living on the boat will quickly cover those costs.

‘Since moving onto our narrowboat we are saving over £500 per month on all of our bills,’ said Holly.

‘The things that we have noticed the most savings on are obviously rent, and things such as gas and electricity.

‘We just have a wood stove so we mainly just use coal and wood. We get wood for free a lot too as there is always people giving it away on Facebook or usually family and friends that have some to give to us.

‘We don’t have many outgoings at all compared to when we were living in a house.

‘Noah is so clever and handy, he does all the maintenance jobs around the boat which also saves us a lot of cash.

‘But we do try to save money for any unexpected problems that might pop up.’

Adapting to narrow boat life has been quite an adjustment.

Holly, who works remotely from the boat as an admin worker, and Noah, a window cleaner, had to downsize quite a bit to go from a two-bedroom house to a small space.

The pair say this has changed their approach to life.

‘We’d always be interested in tiny living and thought it would be a great way to change our way of life,’ Holly explained.

‘You can’t hoard as much when you live in such a small space.

‘You only have the things you really need.

‘When we first moved in I actually really enjoyed getting rid of all the things that we weren’t going to use.

‘We have a lot more of a simpler life now and we don’t have to stress about money and bills.

‘We live a much happier life now with no money worries or stressing about little things in life.’

The pair are now sharing their home on Instagram, to show people what it’s really like to embrace the narrow boat lifestyle.

Holly added: ‘It’s very different to living in a house as we have a limited water supply on board and we use solar panels to power our pumps and lights.

‘We haven’t come across too many people our age that is living on a narrowboat but I do think the popularity is growing.

‘I could never imagine us living in a house again. It has completely changed the way we live and our outlook on life.

‘I can’t see us moving off a boat, we just love the idea of tiny space living.

‘It’s not always plain sailing and it does have its challenges but we wouldn’t change it for the world.

‘I couldn’t imagine our life any other way.’

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