'Counting On': Joe and Kendra Duggar's Kids just Shared the Cutest Bonding Moment

The Duggar family has welcomed five new babies in the past year. And now, their Instagrams are filled with loving parents showing off the cute moments between their little ones. Joseph and Kendra Duggar recently posted a video to their Instagram account of their son, Garrett, having the sweetest bonding moment with his baby sister, Addison.

The Duggars tend to marry young and have many kids

Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar raised their kids very differentlyfrom most modern American families. Michelle and Jim Bob were married at 17 and19 respectively, and for them, it’s not unusual to get married extremely young.The Duggar kids have almost all been married by their early 20s, and they tendto start having kids right away.

Some of the Duggars have even wed as teenagers, and although they aren’t all on pace to have as many kids as their parents did, none of them (except maybe Jill Duggar) seem to be slowing down. Jessa Duggar has welcomed three kids in five years with Ben Seewald, and Joe and Kendra Duggar recently welcomed their second baby in less than two years.

The grandkids have become an important part of the show

Counting On nowfollows most of the married couples as they navigate marriage and parenthood.And the older Michelle and Jim Bob’s grandkids get, the more important theybecome. The show now features the little kids spending time with all of their auntsand uncles.

Spurgeon, Jessa’s son, makes quite a few appearances on the show. Felicity, Jinger Duggar’s daughter, is her only child, so she’s in almost every scene that involves Jinger and Jeremy. And at this rate, the show might even be on long enough to see some of the grandkids wed; Mackynzie Duggar, Josh’s daughter, could be married within the next decade.

Joe and Kendra Duggar’s kids just shared an adorable moment

Though some kids could be married in this decade, others are still incredibly young — including Joe and Kendra Duggar’s two kids, Garrett and Addison. And the couple recently shared an adorable video of Garrett making his little sister laugh. Addison was sitting in her baby carrier while Garrett made funny faces and played with the carrier.

“This just melts my heart,” the caption read. Fans (and other family members) thought it was adorable, too. “That laugh!” Josiah and Lauren Duggar commented. “That is the cutest,” Jana Duggar wrote. “[They’re] going to be so close and have so much fun together,” one fan added.

Fans are unsure if any Duggar will announce a pregnancy this year

Last year, six Duggar pregnancies were announced. (JoyDuggar sadly losther baby at 20 weeks.) But so far, there haven’t been any announcements in2020 about new babies, and some fans think it might even be a year where nobodywelcomes a child. Every married family member, with the exception of JillDuggar, announced a pregnancy last year, which means there’s a good chance noneof them will this year.

Some thought Jinger Duggar might be pregnant aroundThanksgiving, but so far, fans haven’t heard anything else. Joy and Austin, wholost their baby last summer, might end up making another announcement, butnothing is certain. 

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