Corrie’s Bruce Jones keeps getting told off in real life over Leanne storyline

Coronation Street icon Bruce Jones, who played Les Battersby on the show, keeps getting told off by angry women in the street for not being there for on-screen daughter Leanne when her son died.

The actor, who hasn’t played character Les Battersby in the soap for a decade, said he’s getting earache from passers by for not looking after his ­on-screen daughter.

Bruce, 67, said: “People are telling me off in the street going, ‘Leanne needs you, you need to go back there now and get it all sorted out for your Leanne’.

“They still think I’m Les. I go, ‘Right I’ll see what I can do about that’.”

Bruce will be appearing in a new Netflix true crime documentary about the Yorkshire Ripper.

Bruce is sharing his thoughts on the show after he discovered one of the evil killer's victims in the 1970s.

Last month, Sutcliffe died at the age of 74 in prison after contracting coronavirus.

The Yorkshire Ripper killed 13 women in a murder spree across Yorkshire and the north-west of England before he was arrested.

Bruce discovered Sutcliffe's first victim mutilated Jean Jordan in 1977.

He said that he took an overdose after not being able to cope with the nightmares, following the incident.

Speaking to The Sun, he said: "What I saw that day changed my life forever. Every time I’d close my eyes I’d see that poor girl and be reminded of what that monster did to her.

"In the weeks afterwards I just wanted a way out and for the nightmares to stop. That’s why I tried to do myself in."

But Bruce said he told himself he had to keep on living for the sake of his children.

He continued: "I knew I couldn’t let the Ripper win.

"I told myself I needed to live and keep going – not just for myself and for my kids too."

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