Corrie star says Kelly is in danger as she’s targeted by gangster in Rick plot

Coronation Street star Millie Gibson has hinted that danger could be in store for her character Kelly Neelan, as she steps into her villainous father's shoes.

Kelly's father Rick Neelan was a loan shark who terrorised Weatherfield residents including Gary Windass, who later murdered Rick in dramatic scenes in the soap.

After discovering the truth of her father's real job was, Kelly is setting out to rectify his mistakes and give his clients their money back – but trouble could lie in store for her as she comes face to face with his old acquaintances.

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Speaking to Daily Star and other press, Millie Gibson hinted that one encounter with an old client could spell danger for Kelly, as comes face to face with a menacing character called Ross.

"You can see on her face that he is visibly intimidating," said Millie.

"I think she thinks that she can get round him, and that he'll turn into a cuddly toy as soon as she shows him the wad of cash she's got for him, but as soon as he recognises who she is in an accusatory way, she thinks 'oh gosh, I should probably go now' and hastily leaves his property, thinking let's not knock on that door again.

"She thinks nothing of it, because she's got so many people to knock on," said Millie, but teased that this will not be the last time Kelly comes face to face with menacing Ross.

Ross eventually accepts Kelly's gift but then calls a mystery friend to tell him about Kelly's visit, hinting that the teenager could soon be in serious danger.

While details of what lies in store for Kelly are closely under wraps, the actress teased that not everything will go to plan for her, saying: "I think [of it as] her way of paying back all the wrongs her dad committed.

"I know it won't save the people who are too late, but it could save the ones who still have a chance. She always believes in second chances. She's trying to redeem it in anyway she can."

Millie said: "Whenever she is knocking on the door to these people's lives, she's thinking it will change their lives for the better," adding: "I do think she is quite gullible."

Kelly is also unaware that Gary Windass murdered her father, and when he tells Kelly not to visit her dad's old clients, could this be the first signs that the truth is about to be revealed?

"Ever since Seb's death, every day she has been trying to do the right thing," said Millie.

"In her head, she just genuinely believes, this is the right thing. She's so stubborn. That's another characteristic she has developed from her mum and dad. She determined to do what she thinks is best.

"When Gary tells her no, it doesn't go well."

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