Corrie reveals who killed Rana as Imran makes a shocking discovery?

Imran Habeeb’s (Charlie de Melo) mission to find out who killed Rana in Coronation Street leads him to the door of shifty Nick Tilsley (Ben Price) but as his suspicions are aroused, he ends up landing himself in the frame for committing a crime.

As a distressed and frustrated Imran confronts Wayne Hayes (Adam Barlow) over Carla Connor’s (Alison King) disappearing act, he chances a look at the report of his investigation when he accidentally leaves it on the table. But as Imran heads to pick it up, Wayne returns and catches him.

Nick steps in as Imran and Wayne crash but Wayne then later discovers that his car has been broken into and his report stolen and he instantly accuses Imran of being behind the theft. He protests his innocence but he is soon hauled in by the police for questioning.

When the line of interrogation lands on Nick, Imran becomes suspicious about what the report must say about him – has Nick been implicated and has Imran finally discovered who is responsible for the death of his sister?

It certainly seems to be going that way as when Toyah Battersby (Georgia Taylor) tells Nick in conversation that the police believe the factory roof was deliberately sabotaged, he struggles to hide his horror and later, feeling the finger of blame will land on him, Nick decides to tell the police about the £30k he put in the account, claiming it was from his own savings to pay off his ex-wife Elsa.

But will this land him in more trouble or will the police believe his version of events? And what aout Imran – as he becomes convinced that Nick could have been committing an inside job and caused the tragedy, will he now be gunning for him as he determines to avenge Rana’s death?

One to watch: Monday 15th April at 8:30pm on ITV. 

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