Corrie hit and run ‘solved’ as fans ‘know who hit Eliza – and it’s not her dad’

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    Coronation Street fans are sure that they know who hit youngster Eliza after she was involved in a shock car accident.

    Eliza was walking in the road without looking during an argument with her grandfather Stu when a car clipped her, breaking her arm and landing her in hospital.

    Though some are sure her dad Dom is responsible as a ploy to secure custody of the child – and blackmail Stu for his compensation money – others are sure they know the real identity of the driver.

    Some fans have pointed to Tyrone’s mum Cassie as the culprit after spotting a huge clue in the car that hit her.

    A blue Ford car with the registration plate N900 JOO was spotted leaving the scene of the crime – which appears to match Tyrone’s car, which was stolen earlier this week.

    Taking to X – formerly known as Twitter – fans shared their own theories, with one penning: “On Monday, Tyrone casually announced that he had to park his car on Tile Street.

    “Later, Eliza gets hit by his car after it had been stolen. On Wednesday, he announced that the car had been stolen, presumably not realising beforehand because it wasn’t parked on the street.”

    Somebody else agreed: “I KNEW IT. I knew I’d seen N900 JOO before! It’s Tyrone’s car! The car that Tyrone reported stolen!

    “So was it stolen by Cassie, or was it stolen by Dom, or was it stolen by Sheridan Smith? Okay, probably not Sheridan Smith but just imagine!”

    A third social media user penned: "Bet it’s Cassie that hit Eliza you know, she nicked Tyrone’s car when taking the girls to school??"

    Another fan had another theory up their sleeve, penning: "I bet Eliza's dad and Cassie are connected in some way. I wonder if Eliza's dad is one of Cassie's dealers?"

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    During Friday's episode (September 15), a social worker popped in to see Stu – and warned him to back off his granddaughter because she's becoming "overwhelmed".

    Stu admitted Dom tried to buy Eliza off him, but that didn't change the fact that Eliza wanted to stay with her father.

    And though Cassie has vowed to stay out of trouble when it comes to drugs, Tyrone has had plenty of doubts when it comes to handing her money or responsibility, like taking the girls to school.

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    Coronation Street airs Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays on ITV from 8pm.

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