Corrie George’s real identity – Pat Phelan link, Jason hostage and hidden wife

Coronation Street’s George Shuttleworth has proved something of an enigma since his arrival on the ITV cobbles back in 2020.

Played by Tony Maudsley, George is known for trysts with Mary and Eileen – as well as for his blundering but kind-hearted persona in the funeral parlour with Todd Grimshaw.

It was revealed this week that he didn’t want Eileen heading round to his house – blaming his rather overprotective cat. But Eileen wasn’t too convinced, as she hadn’t even known her partner had a feline friend.

Later, Eileen headed to George’s house to snoop out the truth, leaving him furious – and Eileen convinced he could be cheating on her.

With Todd determined to get to the bottom of things, George even refused to spend the night at Eileen’s.

But what is he hiding? Fans have done their best to find out…

Sudden illness

Some sources have suggested George’s ‘sleepless future’ as revealed in official spoilers could hint at him suffering from a chronic illness which affects his sleep.

The Express reported that George may not feel ready to open up about his condition with Eileen yet.

It makes sense that George could suffer from sleep apnea, which affects breathing at night – or even sleep paralysis, defined by the NHS as being unable to move or speak when falling asleep or waking up.

George could even have nightmares so severe that he fears hurting his partner.

Serial killer ties

Some fans are certain George could be linked to serial killer Pat Phelan, and out for revenge on Eileen.

After the villain’s ashes were discovered in the back room of the funeral parlour, with George keeping them secret and insisting they get rid in a “respectful” manner, viewers’ spidey senses began tingling.

Taking to Facebook, one fan suggested a DNA link could be the compelling factor in George keeping the ashes safe, suggesting that the pair were actually brothers.

Taking to Facebook, one wrote: "I really think George is Pat Phelan's brother."

Someone else quickly replied: "George will be related in some way, hence why he's been so nice to Todd!"

"I was thinking a twin brother storyline! So maybe you are right, who knows?” a third theorised.

Both Pat and George’s actors both hail from Liverpool, with Pat star Connor McIntyre born in Toxteth and Tony Maudsley just a few miles away in Kirkby.

However, as George is the son of Archie Shuttleworth – a pal of Audrey played by Roy Hudd – others aren’t quite sure they can see the resemblance.

Hostage situation

Since Eileen’s son Jason Grimshaw fled the cobbles in 2016 after Pat Phelan swindled him out of £65,000, he hasn’t been seen since on-screen.

Agreeing to invest his dad’s money in the Weatherfield development project, Jason was blissfully unaware that Phelan and Vinny were using it as a front for their money laundering scam – and was devastated when the thousands went down the drain.

And now one fan has come up with the idea that George could be hiding him in a hostage situation which could see him reunited with his mum.

If George is in fact linked to Phelan, it could make sense that he somehow blamed Jason for the failed investment and his ‘brother’s’ death.

One Twitter user wrote: “Maybe he has some other link to Eileen, like he was hiding Phelan’s ashes, maybe holding Jason hostage lol #Corrie.”

Secret wife

After the bigamy storyline on Corrie – which saw Todd and George discover that the deceased Mr Little actually had two wives – fans are sure that George is keeping a similar whopper to himself.

Some suspect him of already being married despite dating Eileen, with one fan taking to Twitter to pen: “I think George has a wife @itvcorrie.”

Another added of Eileen’s suggestion they spend the night together: “George looks terrified there!”

As someone else was baffled as to why George didn’t twig the bigamy twist earlier – which could be a hint he refuses to admit to what he’s doing.

They penned: “I think Mr Little was a bigamist, connect the dots George and Todd!”

However, others reckon it could be something more mundane – and George could instead be hiding a hoarding problem.

“I bet George’s big secret is that he’s a hoarder or something… maybe he has a dead body in the house?” someone else suggested.

Coronation Street airs Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 8pm on ITV.

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