Corrie fans work out Lou’s true identity – and now it’s Stephen Reid’s turn to be afraid

Coronation Street fans claim to have 'worked out' the real identity of newcomer Lou Donahue – and killer Stephen Reid could be in big trouble.

Lou (Eleanor Howell) recently arrived in Weatherfield seeking answers about her husband Rufus Donahue's death earlier this year, telling Stephen (Todd Boyce) that she wasn't sure about the police's investigation into his death.

ITV viewers know that Stephen murdered Rufus in his swimming pool, making him the serial killer's third victim in a matter of months.

However, Corrie fans aren't so sure about Lou's backstory and think she may actually be an undercover investigator aiming to set Stephen up.

Taking to X, one soap fan wrote: "1% of me feels like Rufus’ wife is actually an undercover cop/investigator to try and get info on Stephen #corrie," whilst another guessed:

A second person said: "Rufus' wife is gonna end up in the wheelie bin if she carries on the investigation #corrie."

"The downfall of Stephen is upon us and I cannot wait for him to get caught #Corrie," a third fan penned.

Lou has grown suspicious about her husband's death after finding a mysterious tie pin among his belongings, which didn't belong to Rufus.

The tie pin belonged to killer Stephen, who, after realising it was actually his in a recent episode, discreetly stole it back before dumping it down the drain in a bid to cover his tracks.

During the scene where he disposed of the tie pin however, eagle eyed fans were convinced that a mysterious figure in the background had seen him commit the act, with many speculating that they believed it could be Tim Metcalfe, who has been trying to bring Stephen to justice for his recent torment of his mum.

Newcomer Lou is played by actress Eleanor Howell, who is actually married to Steve Meo, the actor who played Rufus Donahue, in real life.

She excitedly announced her arrival in Weatherfield on social media, writing: "Well, don’t mind if I do… Delighted to say I’m joining the lovely bunch at Corrie! Following in @stevemeo’s footsteps, Catch me as my real life hubby’s on screen widow! Here’s hoping I catch that @todd_boyce."

Proud husband Steve also wrote: "Hugely proud to announce my super talented wife will be appearing in #Corrie from next week on, as my On-screen grieving widow!! #proudhusband."

Coronation Street continues on weeknights on ITV at 8pm.

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