Coronation Street’s Stephen exposed as fans ‘work out’ downfall

Corrie: Stephen Reid attempts to turn off Teddy's life support

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Coronation Street viewers have been waiting for killer Stephen Reid (played by Todd Boyce) to be caught out after he brutally murdered Leo Thompkins (Joe Frost). The conman has seemingly pulled the wool over everyone’s eyes including his own family, but it’s only a matter of time before he is exposed.

During the latest instalment of the ITV soap, Stephen saw his chance to make some money after Teddy got knocked over by a car.

The villain rushed to the hospital with Jenny Connor (Sally Ann Matthews) which is when Teddy was put into an induced coma.

However, in a moment of madness, Leo decided to confess to Teddy that he killed his son Leo (Grant Burgin).

He then went to disconnect his life support, before Jenny rushed back into the room.

He whispered to Teddy: “This is the last thing on earth I want to do.

“I am genuinely sorry for what I did to Leo. It was an accident, I panicked.”

As he went to pull out his life support, Stephen added: “But anyway, here goes nothing. So long old pal.”

However, before he got the chance, Jenny rushed in and asked: “Any change?”

“Er, no,” Stephen mumbled. “I have been trying to speak to him. They say that can help.”

“It depends on what you said,” Jenny explained “Some coma patients can hear.

“They wake up and remember everything that was said to them while they were unconscious.”

Stephen looked completely panicked as Jenny walked out of the room, but what will his next move be?

Following the episode, fans took to social media to share their thoughts on how Stephen’s storyline will play out.

Many think he could escape with the £10,000 before he is caught out.

Although, others seem to think the killer’s confession to Teddy could be his downfall.

Especially if Teddy wakes up and remembers it all, or if Jenny actually heard the entire conversation.

Jamie penned: “Sounds like the Stephen storyline is finally coming to an end #Corrie.”

Westie theorised: “Teddy is still stable for now and there is a good chance he’ll wake up if he makes it through the night. Stephen should be bricking it. #Corrie.” (sic)

Owen added: “Let’s hope Teddy makes it and heard Stephen’s confession #Corrie.”

He later wrote: “Why couldn’t they have had Jenny hearing Stephen say that about Leo to Teddy? #Corrie.” (sic)

User @spartacus2963 went on to point out: “I’m guessing Stephen’s downfall will be centred on events surrounding Elaine and Ted’ll be in an induced coma for weeks…”

“Laugh if old Ted wakes up and remembers what Stephen said #corrie,” Doreen Morfitt tweeted.

Coronation Street airs Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 8pm on ITV.

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