Coronation Street’s Ryan Connor star details scene cut from harrowing

Corrie: Daisy Midgeley targeted with acid attack

On Monday night, stalker Justin Rutherford (played by Andrew Still) carried out one last hateful act on Daisy Midgeley (Charlotte Jordan) on the day of her wedding. In a twisted way of trying to show how much he cared for her, he threw acid at her hoping to be the one to take care of her. However, it was Ryan Connor (Ryan Prescott) who became the victim after jumping in the way.

Despite Daisy continuously going to the police with her fears of what Justin was capable of, her concerns were ignored as authorities informed her there was nothing they could do.

That was until the stalker decided to carry out a spiteful act of revenge which resulted in him finally getting arrested.

Before leaving The Rovers to get married to Daniel Osbourne (Rob Mallard), Justin turned up holding clear liquid which he threw at Daisy as he told her nobody would want her after this.

Although what he didn’t expect was Ryan to get in the way of the acid which went directly into his face.

What Coronation Street viewers witnessed after were harrowing screams from Ryan in agony as Daisy managed to drag him into the shower to try and stop the burns.

Speaking exclusively to and other media publications, actor Ryan Prescott was asked if his character knows what the liquid is when he’s first hit with it.

The soap star confessed: “There are a few seconds where you wouldn’t know what it was.

“It takes a couple of seconds for sulfuric acid, which it is in this case, to set into the facial tissue and start eroding.

“There was a moment that we shot where Ryan kind of gathers that this isn’t what he would’ve assumed, although it went straight into the action pretty much on the final edit.

“So, we did miss a little bit of that, just an edge of reality that people probably don’t need to see.

“Obviously, there’s always a time restriction on these things, the edit was fantastic, they did everything they could.”

The 34-year-old confessed his character would’ve most likely believed the liquid Justin was throwing was something like vodka.

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He continued: “Mainly because I think it’s very difficult to anticipate this level of hate and violence.

“We don’t really like to look at these things for the fact that one person could do this to another person.

“In society, we tend to turn away from it, we don’t like to look at them head-on, because it’s scary and it should scare us because these things are scary.

“But you know that’s why we wanted to do this storyline in the first place.”

During the episode, viewers saw Daisy constantly apologise to Ryan, aware the attack was intended for her.

However, the soap star told his character doesn’t hold any ill will towards the barmaid with his hate reserved for the stalker only.

He added: “He knows it’s not her (Daisy) fault, she’s been so consistent with his aide and she was the reason why he ended up in the hospital in the first place and saving most of his face.

“So, I don’t think he has any resentment towards Daisy, I think if he reserves any, it’s for Justin.”

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