Coronation Street's Maureen Lipman admits Evelyn is 'dead scared' to strip off for sex after 20 years of celibacy

CORONATION Street's Evelyn Plummer is thinking about getting sexy with her beau, Arthur, even if she is 'dead scared' at the thought.

Dame Maureen Lipman who plays Evelyn in the ITV soap thinks the cobbles’ battle-axe has come a long way to "even consider any intimacy".

Speaking about some upcoming episodes where Evelyn discovers the truth about Arthur's secret, Lipman explains her character feels very strongly for him.

"Evelyn has strong feelings for Arthur and gives him plenty of slack because she knows her predilection for emasculating men who fancy her," she told Digital Spy.

"When he lets her down, she is hurt. It has taken a lot to let her guard down enough to even consider any intimacy. She's actually dead scared to get her vest off, as she hasn't considered what's underneath for 20 years."

Lipman added: "She hates feeling hurt because it makes her weak, so she lashes out defensively. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned."

Evelyn who has been holding back from Arthur about how she really feels, might have left it too late to express her feelings.

Arthur has been hiding a series of hospital visits from Evelyn as he battles a devastating illness.

In this week’s episodes of Corrie will see Evelyn suggest to Arthur that rather than a weekend away, they should push the boat out and go for a whole month. 

But Arthur looks startled and starts making excuses before rushing out, leaving Evelyn confused and hurt. 

Later, Evelyn demands to know what’s going on but is shocked when Arthur calls it a day.

Evelyn goes crawling back to Dev and begs for her job back. 

But when Toyah tells Evelyn she saw Arthur at the hospital, Evelyn is worried and arranges to meet him.

It is not clear whether Evelyn will dump Arthur for keeping a secret, but Lipman let fans in on some show gossip.

"When he reveals why he's been deceiving her, she chooses to send him packing – to save herself from feeling pain, now or in the future," she said.

"She could forgive him – his dilemma is so credible and understandable – but she closes up the fortress gates, as she always has."

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