Coronation Street’s Imran Habeeb’s exit confirmed as co-star speaks on final scene

Coronation Street teases upcoming week of chaos on cobbles

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Coronation Street couple Imran and Toyah Battersby (played by Georgia Taylor) seem to finally be getting their relationship back on track. They have recently married and been granted custody of baby Alfie, who Imran shares with addict Abi Franklin (Sally Carman). Back in March, Charlie revealed that he would be leaving the soap after five years and praised his time on the show. Now, Imran is set to leave the cobbles in the upcoming weeks of the ITV soap, with co-star Georgia Taylor speaking out on filming the scenes and Charlie’s exit.

ITV soap bosses recently teased a devastating car crash as Abi and Imran continue to fight over baby Alfie.

The latest trailer saw the wreckage of the car behind Imran as he and Abi spin around the cobbles, signifying the haunting weeks ahead.

Soap boss John Whiston teased: “The pigeons really do come home to roost for some of Corrie’s best-loved characters in this fantastic week of edge of your seat drama.

“Secrets unravel, truths hurt and lives well and truly turn upside down as the lengths Imran went to take baby Alfie away from Abi are revealed.

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“Whether your sympathies are with Abi, with Toyah or with Imran, this is not a week to be missed.”

Speaking about the intense week to come, Georgia told and other press about what it was like filming the crash scenes.

“It was amazing, it was Charlie’s last week, we had a whole week on location, which is really rare, it was mainly Charlie and I.

“We had brilliant stunt doubles, we had some stunts, drones, we just felt like we were doing our own little film for a week, it’s corrie, but it’s different.

“I just felt like everyone pulled together, the days were ambitious, but it felt exciting and felt a privilege to be a part of.”

Touching on Charlie leaving the show and how she felt that Toyah and Imran would no longer be on screen together, she exclaimed: “Heartbroken!

“You know what it’s like I absolutely adore him, he has been a dream, and we have been together on the show on and off for three and a half years.

“But I’d say the last year since we did all the stuff with Seb’s trial where Kelly was on trial for murder, we have been pretty consistently busy, and most of our stuff has been together.

“It has just been a joy, he is so funny we laugh a lot, but he is one of the most supportive people I have ever worked with.

“Even now, he is still texting, last night, he knew I had a big day, he was asking, ‘How did the day go, are you ok, I am sure you did amazing’, and he is such a team player.

“And I mean, look at him, there [are] no complaints there either, he is beautiful, but I am so excited to see what he does next.

“I just think the opportunities are going to be endless for him he is going to fly,” she praised

Teasing as to what fans can expect, she revealed: “Toyah still doesn’t know that Imran and Ben lied in court, she thinks they genuinely saw Abi doing a drugs deal, and that’s awful.

“Imran has been carrying the weight of this, and then she has been so reasonable, and she is being so caring about her (Abi), and arguably he isn’t an out and out villain.

“He never was a villain, and what has happened, he has made some extremely questionable choices, but he isn’t a bad person through and through.

“He (Imran) decided to come clean to Toyah, and Abi has a plot to kidnap Alfie, and when Toyah finds out, she says, ‘This is the last straw, I am going to the police’.

“But obviously, Imran knows that he has done something bad, so there is this battle internally for him of, ‘I need to stop Toyah from going to the police station, and I need to fess up’ and that starts off a chain of events and that is where we start the week, how is Toyah going to react when she finds out this news.”

Coronation Street airs Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 8pm on ITV.

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