Coronation Street viewers terrified for Seb and Eileen as human trafficking gang return to the cobbles – and Alina makes emotional exit from Weatherfield – The Sun

CORRIE viewers were terrified for Seb Franklin and Eileen Grimshaw's safety after evil human trafficker Rachel made a shock reappearance in the closing moments of tonight's double bill.

Just as Seb and Eileen were walking down the cobbles together, discussing a potential bright future for Eileen after Jan asked her to move away with him, viewers saw Rachel spying on them from a parked car.

"You could have a great life you know, once this trial is over and everything is back to normal," Seb said encouragingly to Eileen, unaware that they were being watched.

But judging from the menacing stare on Rachel's face, viewers are convinced neither Seb nor Eileen are going to get their happy ending.

One viewer said: "Eileen told Seb, Seb told Alina, Alina will tell the men that trafficked her…!!! La' poop about to hit la' fan??"

Of course, as The Sun revealed yesterday, unlucky in love Eileen is set for more heartbreak when Rachel guns down Jan in upcoming scenes.

Our sneak peek pictures from the set show Eileen's hands covered in blood as she crouches over her lover's lifeless body while a gun-toting Rachel runs away.

While viewers will have to wait and see how the action unfolds, Rachel's reappearance tonight came after Seb was heartbroken following his girlfriend Alina's decision to return to her Romania.

Alina paid Seb a visit and announced her intention to head home, leaving the love struck lad reeling.

"I have been through hell," she told Seb, reflecting on her hellish experience being kept as a modern day slave in the back room of the nail salon. "I need time to find myself again."

When Alina then mentioned that she hated Jan the most because "he pretended to be nice", Seb revealed to her what Eileen had just told him hours before: that Jan was a police informant.

But even with the news in her possession, Alina insisted she still had to leave the UK.

And despite Seb begging her to say, she said her goodbyes on the cobbles with Eileen looking on.

"Bye Seb, you are very special," Alina told him, before taking his head in her hands and planting a kiss on his lips.

"Maybe one day.." she added, before trailing off and getting into the waiting car with her case worker.

Understandably, fans were gutted for poor Seb and took to twitter to express their disappointment.


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