Coronation Street theory: Gun-wielding thugs force Gary to choose between Kelly and Maria

Jack P. Shepherd discusses growing up on Coronation Street

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Gary (played by Mikey North) tied the knot with Maria (Samia Longchambon) on Coronation Street two years ago and the couple are still going strong. They took Kelly (Millie North) under their wings when she was orphaned, but the teenager still has no clue Gary killed her loanshark father Rick Neelan (Greg Wood). However, who would Gary choose if Rick’s henchmen held Kelly and Maria at gunpoint in upcoming scenes?

Gary came to Kelly’s rescue after she was kidnapped by Rick’s associates in dramatic scenes on the ITV soap. 

The troubled teenager was trying to put her father’s wrongs to right by paying back his former clients, but she ended up being held for ransom in a cellar. 

Gary, who sees Kelly as a daughter figure, managed to track down where the thugs were holding her captive and fought one off so they could escape back to Weatherfield. 

While it appears as though the dust has settled and Kelly is back in the safety of Gary and Maria’s care, will the kidnappers strike again?

The yob who was beaten up by Gary could be plotting his revenge as he recovers from his injuries. 

Will he work out where Maria and Kelly are living and take them both hostage?

He could be armed with a gun to ensure the pair follow his orders. 

Will he leave Gary in an impossible position by making him choose between his wife and Kelly?

Gary loves Maria, but he has been living with the guilt of killing Kelly’s father for years, so it is difficult to predict who he would choose to save. 

Gary actor Mikey recently spoke to and other media about his bond with Kelly. 

When asked about Gary jumping into fight or flight, the actor explained: “Everything that he’s done wrong in the past has always been done because he’s trying to protect his family.

“He’s never gone out to do anything bad in cold blood [or] with bad intent, it’s always been with his family in mind.”

The actor said his character sees Kelly as part of his family and is pleased they have been growing closer in recent months. 

He said: “Even the way he speaks to her now it’s changed to becoming more of this father figure as he grows closer to her.”

However, Mikey hinted their bond is bringing her closer to finding out the truth about Rick’s death. 

Coronation Street fans will remember Gary murdered Rick in self-defence when the criminal lured him into the woods. 

Mikey said of his character’s guilt: “He hates lying so you know I guess all of this is done under false pretences, you know, the reason why she’s living with Gary and Maria is partly the guilt and he’s trying to cover things up.”

He added: “Whenever it all does come out I’m sure it’ll make interesting


Will Kelly find out the truth about her father’s death when she is held at gunpoint by Rick’s associates?

Coronation Street airs Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays on ITV at 8pm.

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