Coronation Street teases Norris Cole return – but fans spot sad twist in photo

Coronation Street’s Norris Cole will be back on screen very soon, with actor Malcolm Hebden’s return being teased yet again in new photos.

But there’s a sad twist for viewers, who have spotted a surprise in a backstage snap involving the star.

Norris has been off-screen since December 2017, with actor Malcolm suffering with ill health.

In looming scenes, as teased on the Coronation Street Instagram , Norris is back and he’s not alone.

He returns from Peru where he’s been staying with pal Emily Bishop with none other than her niece Freda.

The snap sees the duo, and Weatherfield resident Rita Sullivan, outside The Rovers Return pub.

But eagle-eyed viewers spotted something on the door, that revealed an emotional twist about the scenes.

A poster on the door reads “Norris’ leaving party”.

While it wasn’t ever confirmed Norris would be making a full-time return, fans had hoped he would be back for good.

But the new scenes confirm that the character is likely to leave Weatherfield for the foreseeable future, back to Peru with Freda.

Taking to the post, fans shared their sadness as others confessed they were just glad to have him back for however long.

One fan said: “Bit sad I can see Norris Leaving Party on the poster but just good to see him one more time.”

Another said: “Aww, I wish Norris was staying.”

Coronation Street airs Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 7:30pm and 8:30pm on ITV.

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