Coronation Street icon Daisy Midgeley’s killer plan exposed – but will Nicky Wheatley die?

Coronation Street: Daisy and Alya have confrontation

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Daisy (played by Charlotte Jordan) has been shrouded with mystery since she arrived on the cobbles of Coronation Street just over 18 months ago as the stepdaughter of Jenny Connor (Sally Ann Matthews). The feisty character has done her best to meddle with a number of relationships on the ITV soap, including breaking up Alya Nazir (Sair Khan) and Ryan Connor (Ryan Prescott). However, when her own comes under threat following Nicky’s (Kimberly Hart-Simpson) return to Weatherfield, it seems she will go to any length to ensure Daniel (Rob Mallard) knows she is not one to be messed with or cheated on.

From the first time Daisy met her love rival, she was so worried about her boyfriend cheating on her she told him he no longer lived on the cobbles.

Following Nicky’s come back and realising what his partner had done, Daniel has made it abundantly clear to his girlfriend she has nothing to worry about.

Although the barmaid has insisted she is fine with her other half helping his former love interest get a new position at the school, there is a glint in her eye she is struggling.

Over the coming weeks, it is likely the meddler will start to become even more insecure about her romance and how it could all burn to the ground.

Needing to take action, she could get rid of the one person who has thrown a spanner into the works, Nicky, and finally, reveal her true colours as a killer.

Speaking to and other media about her character’s dark side, the actress who plays Daisy, Charlotte, admitted she didn’t even know how far her alter-ego would go to get what she wants.

The soap star explained: “[The dark side], that’s something that they’ve [writers] not touched on yet.

“Even when I’ve asked, I actually don’t know, I’ve asked about it because her past is something that’s really interesting to me.

“I would like to know about it because she’s such a contrasting character. I’d like to know why she operates the way that she does.

“And it wouldn’t surprise me if there have been some very dodgy dealings there. Or she’s had to do some dodgy things to escape some bad situations.”

Daisy will do something to get rid of her

Charlotte Jordan

With this in mind, the theory she could kill someone isn’t completely unrealistic as she has a very sinister side to her personality.

Daisy would need to formulate a plan as she would need to ensure if Nicky were to go missing, no one would ask questions or at least the evidence didn’t point back to her.

As word reaches the cobbles Daniel’s former love interest is dead, he would be left devastated to know he couldn’t have done more to help her.

What he wouldn’t realise is he would be in bed with the woman who killed her and as time passes, Daisy would become more jealous of other people her boyfriend interacts with.

This could be the birth of a new serial killer on the cobbles but with the ability to adopt her innocent persona at the flick of her fingers, she could get away with murder.

Charlotte spoke more about how her character reacted when she first discovered Nicky’s link to Daniel and hinted death could the only option to keep her jealousy at bay.

Referring to the moment the two women first met and Nicky was asking for Daniel, the actress said: “It’s immediately a red flag.

“When she’s asking about her boyfriend with who she’s just got back on a stable footing with, Daisy being Daisy sees as a threat and tries to get rid of her!

“[Daisy’s] a very impulsive character. She’s very reactive. So she’ll hear something from someone beautiful, like Nicky, and just impulsively go, ‘Nah.’

“‘No, you can’t have him go away, bye!’ Daisy being Daisy she’ll say something to get rid of her.”

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“[Daisy] does have a ruthless streak and I’d like to say because they’ve been so on and off, for them to just be getting back on an even field and even footing, I think she’s going to try and protect that,” Charlotte continued.

“And being Daisy, she won’t go about it in the right way.

“But it does come from a place of fear and a place of wanting to be with him and just sort of wanting to protect what they have,” she added.

Charlotte also offered her take on what would happen if her character and Nicky ever went head to head over Daniel and who could come out on top.

The soap star explained: “That’s what Corrie’s known for, isn’t it really, strong women showdowns.”

“And so hopefully we can scrap these restrictions and actually get it done ‘old school style’. It would be lovely,” she added.

However, this scrap could be the final showdown between the two women as Daisy finally claims her first victim after months of viewers suspecting she could be unhinged.

But nick could put up a fight as Charlotte added: “She’s certainly not going to be a character that just sort of rolls over and takes it.

“She’ll call her out. She’s not going to just sort of wither away and say, ‘Excuse me,'” so could Daisy have a challenge on her hands to silence her love rival?

Coronation Street airs Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 8pm on ITV.

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