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SOUTH Londoner Staar hoped to help her guests relax with a vegan menu.

Unfortunately for her, Come Dine With Me viewers were anything but impressed with her dessert.

Four new contestants take on the challenge in the kitchen this week in a bid to prove they're the ultimate dinner party host.

After Mike served up some Caribbean food in an Elvis get-up during a night of celebrity lookalikes, it was Staar's turn to show off her skills during last night's instalment of the competition.

Much like Michelle on Monday, she wanted to impress her guests with a plant-based dinner, paired with some meditation, breathing exercises and personal oracle card readings.

Although her guests seemed divided and slightly sceptical about Staar's earth mother vibes, they were overall pleased by her cooking.

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As a dessert, Staar served a Chinese mango pudding with a complementary dash of edible flowers.

While Staar's guests were happy with the dessert, some viewers had one major complaint about it.

Most of them took to Twitter to share their thoughts and put the pudding on blast with one of them writing: "So a baby food pudding then?!"

"Baby food for dessert?", another penned.

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A third viewer sarcastically jumped in: "That looks erm, delicious", with a laughing emoji before adding: "I shall hold judgment though."

Despite this, Staar managed to score 30 out of 40, thus taking the lead in the contest in front of Mike (23/40) and Michelle (22/40).

But this wouldn't be the first time she comes under fire.

On Tuesday, Mike had to cater for the vegan guest by preparing a pizza with no cheese and vegan tofu curry.

He went as far as getting vegan ice cream and fruit just for Staar but she was clearly unhappy.

Speaking to the camera, she admitted to feeling "left out" of Mike's themed night.

"I'm feeling a little bit left out by the menu because I keep having different options", she said.

"I wanted more of the Caribbean flavour, I didn't think there was much effort to it."

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Fans watching at home were quick to retaliate with some harsh words on social media.

Come Dine With Me airs from 5pm on Channel 4.

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