Cobra Kai: When will Cobra Kai be available on Netflix?

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Cobra Kai is a YouTube Premium series which has had two seasons. Due to its growing popularity, Netflix made the move to take it over, making it easily available for its millions of loyal subscribers. Here’s everything you need to know about watching Cobra Kai.

WARNING: This article contains spoilers from Cobra Kai.

Cobra Kai is a spin-off series from the cult classic 1980s movie Karate Kid.

Set 34 years after the original film, Cobra Kai is told from the perspective of a now grown-up Johnny Lawrence (played by William Zabka).

The series follows where Johnny ended up and how the All Valley Karate Tournament affected the rest of his life.

When fans first see Johnny again, everything isn’t exactly going his way.

Down and out on his luck, Johnny makes a big decision on how he wants to reshape his future.

Johnny reopens the infamous Cobra Kai dojo which many advice him against doing.

He does so anyway though and this in turn reignites his rivalry with the now successful Daniel LaRusso (Ralph Macchio).

Will this be Johnny’s second chance at getting one over on his childhood enemy?

When will Cobra Kai be available on Netflix?

The first two seasons of Cobra Kai came out on YouTube Premium.

The series originally premiered in 2018 and then returned for more episodes in April this year.

But as Netflix has now got the rights to the series, fans will instead be able to watch all 20 episodes on the streaming service.

Luckily, the wait is now over for subscribers to watch the Karate Kid spin-off.

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The entire two seasons of Cobra Kai are now ready to watch on Netflix.

The series were released on the platform this morning, Friday, August 28.

So fans can now binge-watch both seasons over the bank holiday weekend.

There is even more good news though as the future of Cobra Kai is looking bright.

Netflix has confirmed there is a third season of Cobra Kai on its way.

Filming for the new episodes started in August last year and shooting has reportedly finished.

A release date has not yet been revealed for Cobra Kai but it is expected to come out some time in 2021.

Cobra Kai is available to watch on Netflix.

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