Classic quiz Blockbusters is being revived for a new comedy reboot

Comedy Central UK has announced that it’s rebooting the classic quiz show Blockbusters, with two new series set to be recorded early next year.

Mock the Week maestro Dara O’Briain has also been confirmed as the show’s new host.

Blockbusters pits students and sixth formers against each other as they take on the ‘gold run’, crossing a hexagonal board by answering quiz questions correlating to a letter.

The original gameshow caught recognition during the ’80s and was fronted by Bob Holness.

Some 20 episodes (of 30-minute duration) will be produced, with two planned celebrity specials also in the mix.

“One of the UK’s most beloved gameshow formats, Blockbusters is an iconic show that a lot of people hold close to their hearts,” said Comedy Central UK’s vice president and general manager, Louise Holmes.

Dara O’Briain, is the perfect quizmaster for the comedy reboot of this nostalgic show. That famous Blockbusters theme tune will once again be hummed in living rooms up and down the country very soon!”

Reflecting on his new and exciting position, Dara added: “I’m delighted to take over this classic quiz show, and with it, the speculation that, like Bob Holness, I played the saxophone on the original recording of Baker St. For the record, I did not, although I did play the Marimba on ‘I Shot the Sheriff’.

“However, I will not be laughing at contestants saying ‘I’d like a P please, Dara’, just as I haven’t laughed at the planet ‘Uranus’ in 10 years of Stargazing Live. See, I can do serious.”

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