Citadel is going to be dropping episode weekly rather than as a boxset

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High-octane action thriller Citadel premiered on Amazon Prime Video on April 28 with viewers getting the first two instalments in one go.

The six-part series stars Priyanka Chopra Jonas and Game of Thrones and Bodyguard’s Richard Madden as two spies Mason and Nadia, who find themselves sent on a new mission.

Citadel also stars Hollywood A-listers Stanley Tucci and Lesley Manville, along with supporting performances from Osy Ikhile, Olegar Fedoro, Ashleigh Cummings and Roland Møller.

The show follows spies Mason and Nadia, who are in hiding after their organisation Citadel was destroyed eight years ago by rival group Manticore.

Neither is aware of their true identities after their memories were wiped to protect them, but all this is about to change when they are approached by their former colleague to return to their action-packed lifestyles and become reactivated.

When is the next episode of Citadel released?

Citadel is being released on a weekly basis rather than getting dropped as a boxset – unlike some of Amazon Prime Video’s other shows.

Episodes one and two were dropped at once to draw viewers in and the rest of the show will be coming out each week.

The format is similar to The Power, which the streaming platform is also drip-feeding to audiences.

Here’s a look at the release schedule for Citadel:

  • Episode 1. The Human Enigma – April 28
  • Episode 2. Spies Appear In Night Time – April 28
  • Episode 3. TBA – May 5
  • Episode 4. TBA – May 12
  • Episode 5. TBA – May 19
  • Episode 6. TBA – May 26

Citadel was produced by Marvel Cinematic Universe directors the Russo Brothers, who recently opened up on an Ask Me Anything Reddit Q&A about what drew them to the project.

Joe Russo said: “The questions about identity, and the high concept being that the characters have their memories erased, then they form a new life after their memories have been erased.

“And then what happens in the sense of the past comes calling to the life that they’ve created and to the people that they love — that was the most compelling concept to us, is how you merge a former identity with a new identity without destroying one or the other.”

While Anthony Russo opened up about working an executive producers on the series, explaining: “The producer in film is traditionally more hands on than an executive producer in film, and executive producer in television is traditionally more hands on than just about any other role outside of directing in television.

“So we don’t know why it evolved this way, but it seems very confusing for the general public.”

His sibling Joe also said: “I mean, the truth is whether someone is referred to as a producer or as an executive producer, it’s a very vague job description that can include anything from hands-on creative involvement to financial involvement.

“On the other end of the spectrum, in terms of helping activate the project financially or logistically or any combination of all of those things. So it’s quite complicated.”

Citadel airs weekly on Amazon Prime Video on Fridays

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