Chucky Wreaks Havoc Through Smart Home System in ‘Child’s Play’ Trailer

Slasher-film classic Child’s Play is getting a modern remake, and the new trailer for the film looks positively terrifying. Unlike the original film, where Chucky was possessed by a notorious serial killer, this version links Chucky to a sinister smart-home system called Buddi, implying that this new Child’s Play will deal with issues of surveillance and the overrun of technology controlling our daily lives.

A boy named Andy (played by Gabriel Bateman) has just moved into the neighborhood with his mother (Audrey Plaza), and quickly realizes that something very odd is going on with his Chucky doll. The trailer teases various gruesome acts of horror at Chucky’s hands, like a man getting strangled with Christmas lights, a possessed lawn mower, and an evil car with a mind of its own.

The remake stars Brian Tyree Henry alongside Plaza and Bateman, with Mark Hamill providing the voice of murderous doll Chucky. The team behind the recent It remakes, David Katzenberg and Seth Grahame-Smith, are credited as producers.

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