Chloe Sevigny Explains the Needs to Come Across Really B****y on Film Sets

Chloe Sevigny is deliberately obnoxious when she arrives on film sets to ensure crew members don’t mess her around.

The “Boys Don’t Cry” star admits she can be demanding, so makes sure she’s at her meanest early in a shoot to make sure her assistants know what they’re letting themselves in for.

“I’m usually really b**chy,” the 44-year-old told Total Film. “I think it’s better to start off mean and then turn nice, so I usually come with an attitude. I like to be challenging. I like the PAs to know that I’m not going to stand for a certain kind of f**kery.”

One thing she insists on while filming a movie is getting her own meals – as she worries she’ll have a meltdown if someone gets her food or drink order wrong.

“I have my own teacup, strainer, and loose leaf teas,” Chloe explained. “I don’t like anyone else to get me food and drinks; I have to get it myself. If they get it wrong, I’m gonna have a mini-obnoxious actress spiral.”

The actress’ latest film is biopic “Lizzie“, in which she plays title character Lizzie Borden, a social outcast who bonds with her maid, played by Kristen Stewart, as an escape from her domineering father and stepmother – who both come to a grisly end.

Chloe says that she found filming on location in Savannah, Georgia disconcerting – but the “Twilight” star helped her through.

“It was great because Kristen and I really got on, but it was a really weird shoot,” she added. “The location had a weird otherworldly feel to it. It felt very haunted.”

“Lizzie”, which is in cinemas around the world now, gets its U.K. release on December 14.

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