Chas rocked as Paddy pushes ahead with a quick divorce in Emmerdale

There’s been a bit of ‘will they, won’t they’ between Emmerdale’s Chas’ (Lucy Pargeter) and Paddy (Dominic Brunt) lately, but Chas is in for a soul-crushing reality check when Paddy firmly decides they won’t.

As Paddy has slowly been returning to his old self through a tough journey of self-reflection and self-care, Chas has been hoping a family reunion might be on the cards. But in Paddy’s mind her actions sent him to a dark place, one he very nearly didn’t crawl back out of, and that’s something he can’t forget.

Paddy has been spending more time with the family in a bid to make things more stable for Eve. A few stolen moments and a kiss gave weight to Chas’ hope, but the opposite happened for Paddy – he realised their love was dead and gone. With Mandy’s words of doing what makes him happy swirling in his mind, he makes a big decision.

Now he just must tell her.

With his mind made up he delivers the devastating blow to his wife – he wants a divorce and he’s already got a solicitor involved.

He explains to a shattered Chas that he doesn’t see the point in prolonging things, and he asks her to make a joint divorce application. But as it’s not what she wants, will she dig her heels in and make life difficult for Pads once more?

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