Casualty trailer reveals cave rescue, Stevie's war and exit for Sah?

David will never truly understand why Ollie did what he did, so how can the beloved nurse ever move forward?

Elsewhere, a huge takeaway from the trailer is Stevie’s (Elinor Lawless) ongoing battle with newcomer Jonty (Richard Harrington).

We haven’t seen Jonty a lot so far, but when we did – he clashed a lot with consultant.

Working with Marcus, Stevie looks set to try and take Dylan’s (Will Beck) job of clinical lead, but will Jonty realise what’s going on and end up getting caught in the crossfire – hence why he’s covered in so many injuries?

Sah (Arin Smethurst) is a character loved by many Casualty fans. As a new paramedic, they have been face to face with a lot of traumatic events since their arrival.

We see Sah struggling in series 37, as reality hits them that being on the frontline every day is incredibly tough. Can they move past the doubt and continue working at Holby ED? Or could we be saying goodbye?

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