Casualty spoilers: Fenisha's life on the line after horror childbirth and Faith reaches heart-breaking crossroads

FENISHA sees her life flash before her eyes next week in Casualty during a horror birth, while Faith makes a huge decision.

Jan was stunned to discover that Fenisha is eight months pregnant in recent scenes – and even more surprised to learn that Ethan is the father. 

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Casualty viewers watched Jan rail at Fenisha for the lack of trust between them.

And next week’s episodes of the BBC medical drama will see things worsen for Fenisha as her due date approaches. 

When Fenisha makes an attempt to reach out to Ethan, he firmly reminds her that he isn’t interested in being part of their baby’s life. 

When a cocaine user called Amber goes missing from the ED, Fenisha is infuriated by Ethan’s careless response and rages at him for never taking responsibility for his actions. 

Heavily pregnant Fenisha rushes off in an attempt to find Amber and heads into a large expanse of woodland. 

When Fenisha manages to find Amber, she refuses to return and storms off. 

Disaster then strikes as Fenisha topples into a ravine and realises her waters have broken. 

A terrified Fenisha picks up a call from Ethan, who passes on her location to Jan and heads out looking for her. 

Viewers will see Ethan talk Fenisha through the labour from the top of the ravine. 

When the paramedics eventually arrive, Fenisha fails to respond and everyone is worried to see that the baby has the cord around his neck.

Will everything be okay?

Elsewhere on Casualty, Faith enjoys her first day back in the ED following her horror ambulance crash. 

But she’s horrified when her mother kicks her out of the house thanks to Lev’s meddling. 

Faith accepts Dylan’s advances but changes her tune when she hears about what’s happening with Fenisha. 

Flooded with memories of Lukas’s illness, Faith and Lev finally have an honest conversation, with Lev begging her to come home. 

Will Faith pick Dylan or Lev?  

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