Casualty review with spoilers: Connie’s attacker unmasked, Duffy’s secret is out

Well, whatever Connie does, she does not loom. Especially these days – since the attack she’s been wide-eyed and jumpy, scared of being at home on her own and too frightened to sleep. She soon realised Bill was the person who attacked her and he wasn’t contrite at all. Eventually he was taken away by security and handed over to the police – but even with her attacker locked away, Connie is still terrified.

There was a welcome appearance from Fletch (Alex Walkinshaw) this week, though it wasn’t welcomed by David (Jason Durr) as he was summoned to the King of Nurses to explain why he pushed Charlie (Derek Thompson) last week. Fletch realised that normally Charlie would let an incident like that go, because he knows his staff and knows how to deal with them.

Nevertheless, Fletch had no choice but to follow disciplinary procedures and suspend David pending an investigation.

Duffy (Cathy Shipton) couldn’t let David’s career be sacrificed for the sake of keeping her secret, so when she saw him leaving with his obligatory box of locker contents she brought him back into the department and made an announcement. In a very moving speech she told everyone about her dementia diagnosis. And Jade (Gabriella Leon) chose exactly that moment to announce that her nursing registration has come through.

New doctor (is he still a locum?) Will Noble (Jack Nolan) had a patient, Angeline (Grace Hogg-Robinson), who thought she was dead. She was so convinced she was dead that she couldn’t even feel pain from a badly burned arm because ‘it’s not my arm.’ Archie (Genesis Lynea) and Robyn (Amanda Henderson) advised Will to get someone from Psych down to talk to Angeline, but with typical Casualty new doctor over-confidence he decided he could deal with it himself. He diagnosed a rare psychosis and by letting Angeline listen to her heartbeat with his stethoscope he tried to convince her she was alive. She seemed to respond to this and Will smugly told Archie he’d changed Angeline’s life. Unfortunately, his amateur meddling had only made Angeline’s pain worse. Will stubbornly thought he’d done good work, but Archie and Robyn were furious with him.

Dani (Georgia Hughes) continued to behave weirdly towards Ruby (Maddy Hill). She came to the ambulance station saying she needed to be there to learn how to be a paramedic. Ruby sent her away, telling her the only way was to apply for a course like everybody else. We saw that Dani was tracking Ruby on her phone and turning up wherever Ruby went to a patient. This is getting sinister. Ruby, meanwhile, told Jan (Di Botcher) she was worried about what to say to Iain when he came back to work. I think that might be the least of her worries soon.

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