Carol McGiffin breaks silence on Loose Women exit

GB News: Carol McGiffin on her exit from ITV

Earlier this month, Carol McGiffin announced she was “forced to step away” from her role on Loose Women because it was “stressing her out”.

The ITV presenter also explained to her social media followers they hadn’t seen her on the daytime chat show for two months due to “contract negotiations”.

However, in a new TV interview with Dan Wootton, Carol opened up further, telling the GB News host she wasn’t allowed to express her views on certain controversial subjects.

Kicking off the interview, Dan began: “It struck strange to me because a number of people who seem to bump the woke agenda be it Jeremy Clarkson, Jeremy Kyle and Piers Morgan.

“Now you all happen to leave ITV after having expressed what they view as controversial views.

“So do you really think that ITV is a place where free speech thrives?”

Carol replied: “Well, that’s a tricky one, I can say that over the last three years especially I’ve been…I wouldn’t say censored, but I have been restricted in what I could say.

“You know what my views are on these controversial matters, so to speak because I’ve been talking to you about them for the last three years on another station, which I got kicked off of by the way for having those views.

“So everybody knows what my views are, and I think there’s absolutely no doubt there were people at ITV who didn’t like me having those views.”

“So, we are talking about your views on Covid, vaccines and masks,” Dan chipped in.

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Carol nodded in agreement as she continued: “All the conspiracy theories, which all turned out to be more or less true, and actually, we were right about them all along.”

Dan went on to ask Carol about what ITV allowed her to say on Loose Women and whether they asked her not to talk about certain topics.

The former panellist shared: “For those topics I was absolutely not really allowed to talk about them at all, and they would talk about them when I wasn’t there.

“And then when I was there, there would be a kind of unspoken kind of rule to say that, ‘you can’t really express those views’, so I didn’t.”

She added: “There weren’t people at ITV who didn’t like me having those opinions and didn’t want me to actually express them.”

Speaking about Carol’s exit from Loose Women, an ITV spokesperson told “ITV will not comment on or disclose details of individual contracts but all ITV contracts comply with the required employment and HMRC legislation.”

ITV has updated its contracting policy in line with the HMRC IR35 legislation which came into force in April 2021, and communicated any contract changes to all those concerned.

Dan Wootton Tonight airs weekdays at 9pm on GB News.

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