Carol Kirkwood told to ‘stay calm’ by Charlie Stayt after Naga swipe

BBC Breakfast: Naga says Carol's predictions are 'annoying'

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Naga Munchetty took a cheeky swipe at Carol Kirkwood on Friday after the BBC Breakfast presenter quizzed the meteorologist on the morning’s weather report. As Naga teased her co-star about being “annoying” Charlie Stayt stepped in and light-heartedly told Carol to “calm down”.

Charlie and Naga introduced Carol after a segment on LadBaby’s latest quest for a Christmas number one. 

Mark Hoyle and wife Roxanne have collaborated with Money Saving Expect Martin Lewis for Food Aid with a spin on the classic Band Aid hit. 

“Carol’s a bit fan of that song, aren’t you Carol? One of your favourites,” Charlie asked. 

“I’ll tell you what the sausage roll bit is making me very hungry,” the weather reporter replied. 

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Carol went on to deliver weather report as she revealed “heavy rain” was “pushing northwards”.

She concluded by adding: “It’s Christmas Day evening that it starts to turn colder and some parts of the north west might see a white Christmas.”

Naga questioned: “Why will you never just say they will?”

“Because it’s showers and it’s really difficult to forecast where the showers are,” Carol answered. 

“It also depends how quickly the cold air travels, southwards behind a weather front, there’s so many features that can affect it.

“It might not just be north west Scotland we might before midnight see some in Northern Ireland.

“That’s why it’s so uncertain and it’s so annoying for me as much as it is for you.”

Charlie told Carol to “stay calm” while Naga interrupted: “No, it’s more annoying for me.”

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He continued: “Stay calm Carol it’s okay,” as she replied: “Thank you Charlie that’s very nice of you.”

“You’ve got to stay calm in these situations you can’t have Carol getting angry,” Charlie said.

“It’s kind of funny,” Naga quipped before the BBC Breakfast presenters carried on with the show.

Meanwhile, Carol distracted BBC viewers with her sparkly glass dress.

@Jennie_Mortley tweeted: “@carolkirkwood LOVE the dress you’re wearing on the telly box this morning  where is it from please?”

@PhillipJoe1963 agreed: “Good morning!! Damn Kirkwood you looking Sparkly girl!!. Have a great day.”

“@carolkirkwood my partner is wondering where you got your dress from that you had on bbc on the 23rd. Any help be canny thanks,” @PhilBro47060482 asked.

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