Carol Kirkwood swerves wedding planning probe by BBC Breakfast co-star

BBC Breakfast’s Carol Kirkwood swerves wedding planning chat

Carol Kirkwood, 61, was left flustered when her BBC Breakfast co-star Jon Kay probed her about her upcoming wedding on Tuesday’s instalment of the news programme.

“OK, Carol, you’re going to be very interested in our next item as we are talking about wedding planning,” Jon shared.

Carol started laughing and looked at her watch before swerving the topic, telling him: “Gosh, is that the time?”

Knowing how private Carol is about her engagement, presenter Sally Nugent interjected: “I knew she’d do that.”

As Carol stood there unsure about how to respond, Jon added: “You’ll like this though. Thank you, Carol.”

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Sally concluded: “We can talk about it later when the nation is not watching.”

Jon quipped: “As Carol just indicated, planning a wedding can be a little bit overwhelming, can’t it?

“If you have had the chance to hand over your big day to a team of budding wedding planners would it be even more overwhelming? Would you trust them to deliver?”

They went on to discuss a BBC show called The Ultimate Wedding Planner where aspiring professionals try and prove they can create the perfect day for a bride and groom.

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Carol is tying the knot with her fiancé Steve Randall who is a 48-year-old former police officer.

Speaking to Closer earlier this year, Carol shared: “We were friends before we became romantically involved so we knew each other quite well before we started dating.”

She added: “Who’d have thought that at this ripe old age, I’d be getting married again? I certainly didn’t.”

The weather presenter has been tight-lipped about her upcoming wedding but told Yours Magazine the type of ceremony she would like.

“I think it will be a small, intimate wedding and maybe we’ll have a party afterwards,” Carol explained.

The BBC Breakfast star has not revealed when she is planning on getting married to her beau.

BBC Breakfast airs daily between 6am and 9am on BBC One.

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