Carla's huge shock, slavery horror and 8 more Corrie spoilers

Seb Franklin (Harry Visinoni) is on a mission to discover the truth in a week of Coronation Street secrets while Robert Preston (Tristan Gemmill) is doing the opposite – he is taking every desperate action possible to ensure that nothing comes to light. But as the suspicions of Tracy Barlow (Kate Ford) and Carla Connor (Alison King) are piqued, how much longer can he conceal his double life.

Meanwhile, Paula Martin (Stirling Gallacher) is hopeful of making things up with Sophie Webster (Brooke Vincent) but she is still clearly hiding something while Jenny and Kate Connor (Sally Ann Matthews and Kate Brookes) are at war as they both want a slice of Johnny’s (Richard Hawley) bank balance.

10 Coronation Street spoilers

  • Seb realises the squalid conditions in which Alina is living.
  • Robert is panicked when Vicky collapses.
  • Paula tries to make amends with Sophie.
  • Chesney is upset as Bernie continues to cause mayhem in the community.
  • Tracy is curious when she spots Robert with Vicky.
  • Kevin tells Paula that if she makes Sophie happy, then that’s fine by him.
  • Jenny and Kate cross swords when Jenny wants to convert the Rovers to a B&B.
  • Kevin and Abi go out for dinner together.
  • Seb confronts Jan but he talks his way out of it.
  • Carla is suspicious of Robert’s sly behaviour.

Monday 29th July Part One

Seb plucks up the courage and heads to see Alina – and he is shocked by the squalid conditions that she is being forced to live in. Alina orders him to leave at once and is horrified when Rachel walks in. Seb is horrified as he listens to Rachel threatens Alina and her family.

Paula apologises to Sophie for what happened with Jack and insists she loves her. Vicky calls into the bistro and tells Robert that she refuses to play second fiddle and he is panicked when she suddenly collapses. Jenny is annoyed thatKate is taking a lend while Bernie’s attempt at a peace offering backfires.

Monday 29th July Part Two

Kevin refuses to forgive Paula for putting Jack in danger and makes it clear she is not welcome at his home. However, when Tim offers him some advice, he has a change of tune and tells Paula that if she makes his daughter happy then he is not going to stand in their way.

Alina begs Seb to keep her secret and warns him that he could get hurt. Later, Seb is shocked to see Jan at the nail bar. Robert promises Vicky that she will be his focus from now on while Chesney realises that Bernie stole a tree from Victoria Gardens and confronts her.

Wednesday 31st July Part One

Jenny mulls over the idea of converting the Rovers into a B&B to increase the profits and Ed agrees to draw up some plans and give her a quote. Meanwhile, when Imogen tells Kate that she plans to travel the world, Kate wants to join her and Jenny is fuming when she asks her dad for money towards the trip.

Robert advises Vicky to give Tyler’s awards a miss as Michelle and Alya are catering for it. However, when she turns up anyway, Robert steers Vicky out – but they are caught by Tracy. Abi is fired from her new job while Rachel ordersher husband to deal with Seb and Claudia encourages Ken to have a clear out.

Wednesday 31st July Part Two

Robert has some explaining to do as Tracy catches him sharing a hug with Vicky while Michelle is offered a huge new job opportunity. Robert agrees to stay over with Vicky occasionally and he tells Michelle that he has been offered a role overseeing young chefs in an Offenders’ Unit.

Abi offers Kevin her help and he eventually offers her the job back. Johnny worries about the cost of Jenny’s plans while Jenny jokes to Tracy that she is finally getting rid of her stepdaughter, leaving Kate hurt. Claudia insists that Ken sorts out his book collection.

Friday 2nd August Part One

As Abi starts back at the garage, Kevin suggests that they celebrate by having dinner together at the bistro. Ken is worried that Claudia is making herself too comfortable and insists that he will help her move into her new flat when it’s ready. Abi spots Jan getting into Rachel’s car and Seb confronts him.

Carla walks in on Robert on the phone to Vicky and when he covers by suggesting it’s to do with his new job,she questions how he can do the job with a criminal record. When Robert’s phone lights up again, Carla picks it up. Johnny orders Jenny not to make her choose between her and Kate.

Friday 2nd August Part Two

Claudia continues her decluttering mission at No.1, leaving Ken worried. Meanwhile, Kate andJenny call an uneasy truce while Sally wonders if Abi could be the one for Kevin. Robert distracts Carla by showing her some of the messages her family have been sending and later he is jealous to come face to face with Tyler’s dad.

Jan covers when Seb tells him about the trafficking and he claims he just found out too, which is why he has stopped working for Rachel. Eileen insists they go to the police but Jan points out that this would put Alina in danger.

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