By Becky Waldren

NATALIE Cassidy has played the role of Sonia Fowler for over a decade and has faced several hardships both on and off screen.

But while her character lives in a hectic household in Albert Square, the actress, 36, lives in an idyliic family home.

Natalie often gives fans an update on her home life on social media, where she is regularly spotted chilling out with her family after a long day filming for the soap.

And the high tech kitchen appears to be the heart of the house, with the actress posting photos in there with her children, cooking, enjoying a cup of coffee or receiving large bouquets of flowers.

The rustic oasis has vintage wooden floors, white wooden cupboards with silver handles, a dishwasher, electric stove, coffee machine and a chic wooden table.

Meanwhile, the cosy living room features a large fireplace, extra wide screen TV, wood flooring and statement floral wallpaper.

And the actress is partial quirky artwork, featuring a philosophical quote, as there's several  pieces that can be seen scattered around the house.

One piece states: "It's better to have loved and lost than to live with the psycho for the rest of your life."

While another says: "Live like heaven is on earth. Love like you have never been hurt. Laugh like no one is listening. Sing as if no one can hear. Dance as if no one is watching.

"Dream like there no impossibilities. Play like there are no winners. Give like you have plenty. Smile till your face hurts. Cherish your family & friends everyday."

Natalie shares the home with her fiance Marc Humphreys, their daughter Joanie, two, and her first daughter Eliza, eight- whom she shares with her ex Adam Cottrell.

The soap actress admitted that she was "finally comfortable" with her body after losing three stone ahead of the London Marathon in April.

She revealed: "I have learnt how to eat and how to be comfortable with who I am … You get wiser as you get older and I just feel much more confident and comfortable."

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