Black Mirror season 5, when is it released on Netflix, who's in the cast and what will happen?

Well, the wait is over and here's all we know about when and what you can expect from series 5.

When is Black Mirror season 5 released on Netflix?

According to a tweet that has now been deleted, fans can expect the fifth series of Black Mirror before the end of the year.

They have been working very hard to keep everything under covers but a photo including the release dates of upcoming Netflix shows was, perhaps accidentally, posted on Twitter.

It revealed that the show would be released on December 28 with the first episode being titled "Bandersnatch".

Season 5 is expected to consist of 6 episodes, but we do not know whether all the episodes will be released at once yet.

Who's in the cast?

Unfortunately, the cast, like all else, is being kept as a top secret matter.

We don't know much about the talent we can expect to see.

However, the show's IMDB profile reveals that Julian Ferro and Greg Kriek will both be in the very first episode of the season.

They will play a student and a character named Todd respectively.

What will happen?

Fans will have to wait and see to find out what each episode entails, as always.

However, what the producers have revealed is that this season will include a "choose your own adventure" themed episode.

It will allow the viewers to interact with the episode and dictate what happens next.

We also know that one of the episodes was filmed in Croydon earier this year.

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