‘Big Brother’ Removes Season 25 Contestant Luke Valentine for Using Racial Slur

The contestant is kicked out of the house for casually saying the N-word while having a conversation with fellow Houseguests in a recent episode of the CBS competition show.

AceShowbiz -Luke Valentine’s stint on “Big Brother” season 25 didn’t last long. The contestant was kicked out of the house for saying the N-word while having a conversation with fellow Houseguests.

Confirming the removal, CBS issued a statement on Wednesday, August 9. “Luke violated the ‘Big Brother’ code of conduct and there is zero tolerance in the house for using a racial slur. He has been removed from the house. His departure will be addressed in Thursday night’s show,” the statement read.”

As first reported by TMZ, Luke dropped the N-word while speaking with fellow contestants Jared Fields, Cory Wurtenberger and Hisam Goueli which was captured on Tuesday night on the Paramount+ live feeds. Luke, who went shirtless, casually added the slur to the end of a sentence as he discussed someone’s room.

After he realized his own mishap, Luke covered his mouth and tried to correct the comment with the word “dude” while laughing. “Anyways!” he told his housemates, who just stood in frozen silence.

He then told Jared, who is black, that saying the word was “a slip of the tongue” before apologizing. Jared, however, replied, “I don’t give a f**k.” That prompted Luke to say, “I’m in trouble now. I’ve been in worse trouble.”

Unsurprisingly, Luke caught heat for the offensive mistake. Among the critics was season 15 winner Andy Herren, who took to his social media account to call for Luke’s removal from the long-running competition TV series. “Production should remove Luke. Set an example. Show current and future players that language like that will not be tolerated #BB25,” he wrote on X, formerly known as Twitter.

He added in a since-deleted post, “Production loves hiding racism and homophobia and transphobia when straight white men are involved. Hoping they actually do the right thing and address Luke’s comment. The way it so casually came out of his mouth is really upsetting.”

After CBS confirmed that Luke had been axed from the show, Andy wrote in a separate tweet, “This is great. It sets a precedent moving forward that has been a long time coming! #BB25.”

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