'Big Brother 22': Keesha Smith Calls Houseguests 'Sheep' for Making Their Big Move

Houseguests aren’t always happy when things don’t go their way on Big Brother. That seems to be the case for Keesha Smith, who had a rough time in the first week of Big Brother 22. Find out who she called sheep and more. [Warning Spoilers for the Aug. 13 episode.]

Cody Calafiore put Keesha Smith and Kevin Campbell on the block

Cody Calafiore won the first Head of Household competition. He then started getting close to Enzo Palumbo, Memphis Garrett, Nicole Franzel, and Tyler Crispen.

Calafiore decided to put Campbell and Smith on the block. He claimed it was because he hasn’t made a connection with either of them.

Campbell tried hard to campaign with the other houseguests. But Smith didn’t seem to be that inspired to campaign.

Smith was evicted from the house

After nominations, Smith went to talk to Calafiore to try to get information out of him. Calafiore told her he didn’t have a target and wants the house to figure it out. But he truly wanted Smith out of the house.

Smith’s only supporters in the house were Janelle Pierzina and Kaysar Ridha. Sadly, neither were able to play in the veto competition and she lost the competition to Palumbo who chose to keep the nominations the same.

That left everything coming down to votes. Smith lost to a vote of 13-0. The house seemingly voted together to avoid showing alliances.

She called Calafiore, Enzo Palumbo, and Memphis Garrett sheep

Smith is off the show and has access to technology again. She was quick to share a message to the cast on Instagram.

“No matter what, I know that I will always have three votes for me. thank you all for your support, I am truly humbled by the amount of it…a big shout out to @janellepierzina and @davonnedianne_ for the heads up…I am rooting for you to the end,” read the first part of the caption.

“Also, a big [middle finger] to the ‘men’ of the house, Enzo & Memphis, who give a bad name to ‘sheep’ and Cody who could never tell me the truth to my face…I came in the game thinking that I was playing against men, but none of your balls have even dropped yet!…Your partners deserve better! #bb22 #strongwomendeservestrongmen #getsome,” reads the rest of caption.

Fans showed their support for her in the comments. One person wrote, “end them queen! you’re forever an all star! take that check to the bank and get yourself a gift.”

Another fan wrote, “I was sooo happy to see you back and now I feel like we all got robbed!!!! Love you girl.”

It’s probably a good thing for the men that Smith didn’t make it to jury or they would have lost their vote. Fans will have to wait to see how her exit will change the game.

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