Big Bang Theory: Did Raj’s sister Priya get married? Who is Priya’s husband?

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The Big Bang Theory ran for 12 seasons on CBS and the episodes are still being shown on E4. The series followed the socially awkward genius Sheldon Cooper (played by Jim Parsons) and his friends – including Raj Koothrappali (Kunal Nayyar). Fans are wondering what happened to his sister Priya (Aarti Mann) and there was a clue revealed in the series.

Did Raj’s sister Priya get married?

Raj’s younger sister Priya was introduced in season four and she was considered one of the main antagonists.

Penny (Kaley Cuoco) noticed a connection between Priya and her love interest, Leonard (Johnny Galecki) and she saw Priya as tough competition.

Law graduate Priya went on to have a sexual relationship with Leonard and eventually began dating him.

Leonard wanted to go back to India with Priya, but she said her parents would not approve of their relationship.

He ended up revealing their relationship to her parents and they were indeed disappointed.

In season five, Priya returned to India and she and Leonard tried to continue their relationship online.

Both found it difficult to be loyal as they ended up sleeping with their former partners.

Later in the series, Leonard started dating Penny, which confirmed his break-up with Priya.

Priya was then only mentioned in passing throughout the remainder of the episodes, and fans were wondering what happened to her.

In season 10 Raj’s dad mentioned how five of his six children are married.

With fans knowing Raj is not married, they come to the conclusion Priya ended up finding a new partner after her breakup with Leonard.

Viewers do not find out who she is married to – whether it is her former partner whom she slept with, or someone new.

Still, the news of her marriage came as a surprise to fans, who had completely missed the clue given by her father.

The unnamed husband is mentioned in the episode called “The Allowance Evaporation”.

Raj’s dad said: “I have six children, five of whom are married and self-sufficient.”

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Fans had mixed thoughts about Priya’s character, with one saying on Twitter: “The Priya episodes of Big Bang Theory are painfully unwatchable.”

However, another fan said: “Watching some old episodes of Big Bang Theory. Priya was a great character! Great job.”

Priya was known for being a controlling character and she often had arguments with Leonard.

The other female characters in the series found it hard to connect with her as she was so outspoken.

Fans understand she would have married someone back in India, as her parents would not have approved of an American husband.

They took to Reddit to discuss the revelation that Priya is actually married.

MissKayBella thought she went on to marry her ex-partner, saying: “She did cheat on Leonard with her ex when she went back to India so my assumption was that she married him.”

Fans think they have spotted a photo of Priya’s wedding on Raj’s fridge, however the photo is too grainy to tell for certain.

ImMabin123 had said: “Even though we don’t hear much about Priya after she and Leanord broke up in S10 E16 Raj’s dad says to Raj out of his six children, five of them are married.

“[This] means Priya is married, I don’t know if people noticed this.”

Big Bang Theory airs on CBS and E4

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